“A Night like This” to be the 3rd and final solitary from The Head top top The Door, however its beginnings reach all the way back to 1976 when the band performed it at their 2nd gig… check out More 

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Say good-bye on a night favor thisIf it's the last point we ever doYou never looked as lost as thisSometimes it doesn't also look choose youIt walk darkIt go darker stillPlease stayBut i watch you choose I'm make of stoneAs girlfriend walk awayI'm coming to find you if it takes me every nightA witch hunt for one more girlFor constantly and ever before is always for youYour trustThe most gorgeously stupid thing I ever cut in the worldSay hello ~ above a day favor todaySay that every time girlfriend moveThe way that girlfriend look at me nowMakes me wish i was youIt walk deepIt goes deeper stillThis touchAnd the smile and also the shake of your headAnd the smile and the shake of your head
I’m coming to uncover you if that takes me every nightCan’t stand right here like this anymoreFor always and ever is always for youI desire it to be perfect favor beforeOh ho ho, I desire to adjust it allOh ho ho, I want to changeI’m coming to uncover you if that takes me every nightCan’t stand below like this anymoreFor constantly and ever is constantly for youI desire it to be perfect choose beforeOh ho ho, I desire to adjust it allOh ho ho, I want to changeOh ho ho, I want to change it allOh ho ho, I desire to change
“A Night favor This” was the third and final solitary from The Head on The Door, but its beginnings reach every the means back to 1976 once the tape performed it in ~ their second gig when still called Malice. The original song quickly morphed right into what ended up being “Plastic Passion”, but years later, “A Night like This” was revitalized and updated because that this album.

Unlike the previous two singles which every charted in at the very least six countries, this one did not chart. The was included on the CD publication of the 1986 singles arsenal Staring at The Sea, but not top top the vinyl & cassette editions, i m sorry were titled Standing top top A Beach.

In a fanzine, Robert blacksmith said:

This is what ‘Plastic Passion’ originally sounded like. The native were composed in the rain. I was uncomfortable …


A Night prefer This by The Smashing Pumpkins, A Night like This by Julie Peel & A Night like This by Strange As Angels

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