1. This story talks about a stranger coming right into a village with an elephant. The town is only made up of remote people. The human being of the village use all your senses, except sight, to figure out what a elephant is, due to the fact that the village people have never heard of one elephant before.

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2. While reading this short story, i felt a sense of sorrow. I was filled through sorrow for the village people; the villagers were in the dark of understanding what an elephant yes, really is. Farming up I always saw pictures and heard the surname "elephant" by having actually the sense of sight. Ns felt together if I must appreciate my senses more.
3. The characters in the story were blind villagers in a mountain. The villagers have actually only stayed in the floor of the hill sides of the mountain. The villagers had actually a duty as wonders and also learners within the story. The villagers offered what senses and knowledge the villagers had actually to find a an enig in the villagers residence land.
4. The main focus while reading this quick story to be the descriptions and evaluation of the villagers impression that what the elephant felt like and also the elephants movements. Because that example: "An elephant is a rough, hairy pillar" (Norton, pg. 14).
5. My see of the story contrasted to various other students might differ from what emotions each college student experiences while reading the short story.
6. This brief story can quickly be concerned all blind individuals. The story offers individuals through the sense of sight to know the life of remote individuals. The brief story provides individuals v the feeling of vision to appreciate the feeling of sight.
7. The villagers an enig to what an elephant is reminded me of the publication "The an excellent Gatsby". In ~ the being of the story, Gatsby is a secret to all the world that attend his nightly parties. All the guest the attended Gatsby"s party had actually no idea that Gatsby was or any information on the man. The guest supplied swarming rumors to describe what the guest thought that Gatsby to be like. The connection between these 2 pieces of literature is the an enig from the villagers and also the guest. Also, the villagers and guest supplied what castle knew already (knowledge and rumors) to define what the secret object was.
I believe, the speculate about the an interpretation and prominence of the message "The Elephant in the town of the Blind" was to refer the prominence of imagery literature. The short story consist of how the villagers came with each other to do a meaning of an elephant with what the villagers heard, smelt, and also felt. The villagers used understanding of what the villagers already knew to define what the elephant to be like, for example: "An elephant is a water pipe" (Norton, pg. 14).

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There could be countless ways to interrupt the literary works of the short shorty "The Elephant in the town of the Blind". Together the Norton publication states, "The different versions of such a tale, choose the different descriptions the the elephant, alter its meaning" (pg. 14). There can be minor transforms of the story which then can transform the whole an interpretation and understanding of the story. The prominence with this quick story is how the literary works was laid out and also said to tell the story "The Elephant in the village of the Blind".