Christians believe that Jesus was crucified on a cross, that he died and also was buried, and also that he climbed from the grave come live again.

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What space the factors for the Olmec people to be the “mother culture” of later on Mesoamerican societies
a 365-day calendar; building pyramids and temples; cultivating corn; similar spiritual rituals; the exact same gods of fertility, sky and nature, and also war
-The Mauryan empire was the an initial to unify India.-The most renowned Mauryan leader was Ashoka, who denounced violence and also took increase Buddhism.-Buddhism to trust all human being suffering is led to by human being desire that have the right to be controlled.-The Gupta empire was well-known for its splendid art, architecture, and literature.-Indian females were intended to be subject to men and also could not pick their marriage partner.
-It to be the longest dynasty in Chinese history.-The Han Empire adjusted Confucianism together the state philosophy.-Confucius placed emphasis on morality, justice, sincerity, and also social relationships.-The Han Dynasty started an examination because that the people to recognize who can get a government job.-The best Han ruler was Han Wu Ti.-It to be a male-dominated society.-The practice of foot binding to be done on plenty of girls.-They greatly broadened the Silk Road.
-Olmec way “rubber people” due to the fact that they used rubber to make balls and also other things.-They developed drainage systems.-They built large stone heads.-They disappeared mysteriously.-They offered a 365-day calendar.
World background is the story the the interaction in between _________, the environment, and also ideas that form _________, societies, and also civilizations.
Their pyramids and tombs space similar.They had similar religious beliefs and also gods.Their art and also architecture were much the same.
This leader made all citizens over thirty default to offer on the council and also gave an ext power to the citizens Assembly.
This first Athenian reform leader developed the Citizen’s Assembly, forbade enslavement for debts, and made fathers responsible because that seeing that their sons learned a trade.
The place of the renowned stand by three hundred Spartans versus the Persian army is called _____.
The way of life wherein a person withdraws from society to devote me to prayer and also solitude is dubbed _____.
1-respected the customs and also religions of the world he conquered2-one that the few generals in history to ever conquer and occupy Egypt3-was beat by the Greeks in ~ the just of Marathon4-was defeated by the Greeks at the bay of Salamis
The Greek approach of trying out all possibilities and examples before reaching a conclusion is called _____.

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exercise complete control end the common people or plebeians; yet THESE WERE:-check and also balance ~ above the king’s power-judge the action of the king-approval or veto that a brand-new king
cataract: a series of rapids and also waterfalls ~ above a rivercollective learning:the ability to learn and also transfer knowledge to othersconsonant:a decided sound various other than a vowelindigenous:people teams that are native to a regionlogographic:a system of creating in which signs or characters represent meanings, together as contemporary Chinesemercenaries:professional soldiers paid to fight for a nation other 보다 their own.polytheistic:a belief that numerous gods control the universe
covenant a solemn agreement between two or more parties diaspora the scattering of a human being from your homeland Messiah Someone pertained to as a savior or liberator of a world – e.g., Jesus Christ monotheistic a id in one god controlling the cosmos protectorate a region controlled and also defended by a an ext powerful state religion ideas concerning the existence, nature, and worship of a deity or divine beings revenue money that comes into a service from the revenue of items or services Torah the primary holy book of Judaism
anvil a piece of iron on which heated metal is beaten into shapes hierarchical the formally ranked bespeak of a group metallurgy the examine of metals and also the procedure for refining and also making things from castle savannah large flat grassland located in a dry or subtropical region smelting come melt ore in bespeak to obtain metal from that steppe a vast, semi-arid, normally grassy level vassal someone who shows commitment to an additional in return because that being enabled to occupy land
anarchy absence of any type of system of federal government in a culture aristocracy human being of the highest possible social class or nobility democracy form of government permitting every citizen to take part despot a tyrant or leader with absolute powers oligarchy a little group of civilization who together governs a country tyranny working out power v cruelty and injustice tyrant a human who practice power through cruelty and also injustice
humanlike human form and behavior attributed to divine beings in mythology hubris extreme arrogance or ambition the leads come the downfall that a hero inductive reasoning getting to conclusions based on observation metaphysical the philosophical study of the nature the being and beings mythology story which are not have to true around ancestors, heroes, and gods philosophy a specific system of believed or doctrine Socratic technique a method of showing up at reality by questioning, obtaining answers, and criticizing the answer sophistry method of argumentation that appears clever but is failure or corrupt utopia perfect or perfect location where everyone stays in harmony virtue the state of gift moral, good, or righteous
cynicism a approach that doubts the attitude, beliefs, or character of others empire a succession of rulers indigenous the same family judiciary the branch of government that administers justice skepticism approach that to trust true understanding is not feasible syncretism viewpoint that attempts to incorporate different systems of ideas or practicesmonasticism-way the life whereby a human withdraws from culture to devote self to prayer and also solitudesatrap-a Persian provincial governor
confederacy an alliance of world or claims imperator a victorious armed forces commander throughout the roman Republic imperium usage power that the state come enforce the regulation oligarchy a little group of civilization who together govern a nation patrician a member of one aristocratic household in Rome plebeian among the plain citizens of Rome ratify to give formal approval come an commitment triumvirate a group of three civilization who together share government or power

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