Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo do Hwan) and also Choi Soo Ji (Mun Ka Young) space reeling from the shock indigenous the announced engagement that Shi Hyun’s father and also Soo Ji’s mother. Soo Ji’s jerk ex-boyfriend i will not ~ shut up about the rudeness of your parents come blindside them. Lee Se Joo (Kim Min Jae) speak him to be quiet however he won’t listen. Fed up Shi Hyun stalks the end of the room brushing past Eun Tae Hee (Joy).

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Tae Hee has actually her own bout of parental issues when she visits her mom on the eve of her studio opening. Tae Hee mirrors her the full ride scholarship she won. She curtly notifies her mother, she no much longer needs she money and also their relationship deserve to be severed. Hurt, her mommy declares she’s more than one ATM. Tae Hee counters the her mother left her and her father years ago, leaving her wishing because that the impossible, a rejoined family. She scoffs at her mother’s i can not qualify to visit, remember she birthdays, etc. Tae Hee angrily strides out of the room.

As Tae Hee exits the hotel, Shi Hyun go the same, stealing a car from the valet and going in one in front of the hotel. A distraught Tae Hee ends up in his path and also he breaks hard staying clear of her. Tae Hee suffers a flashback come a automobile accident (her father?) and also begs Shi Hyun no to leave her. Disgusted at the stranger holding him tightly, Shi Hyun tells her to obtain a grip. Tae Hee snaps out of it. Shi Hyun offers his number and also promises compensation. He gets a speak to from Se Joo that all is not well with Soo Ji. He leaves Tae Hee in the dust.

Soo Ji has taken antidepressants and mixed with the alcohol she’s on the ragged leaf holding a shard the glass cutting she hand. Once Shi Hyun arrives he is able with her and she fall the glass. He holds her and also promises never to leaving her.

Later Shi Hyun’s dad orders Shi Hyun to acquire a grip (recall the reveal that the is not Shi Hyun’s bio-Dad occurred in the very first episode). Shi Hyun asks his father’s assistant if his father’s marital relationship will remove his late mother’s foundation. Shi Hyun doesn’t desire that come happen.

Se Joo gets blamed for automobile being stolen and also is locked in his room. That escapes with the aid of a female in the house.

Se Joo, Shi Hyun, and also Soo Ji conference at their conference place. Shi Hyun and Soo Ji room not happy with instance their parents have actually put them in. Shi Hyun shocks lock by suggesting Soo Ji get married him. Se Joo departs come let them discuss. Soo Ji is adamant she wants a real marriage. Shi Hyun points the end she’s never seen a actual marriage. He offers to continue to be married and not divorce her, as soon as she tires of him. Soo Ji argues he kiss her.

Summary – our trio has disastrous parents and they act the end accordingly.Great Seducer illustration 4

Choi Soo Ji (Mun Ka Young) asks Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo do Hwan) if he’s got the gumption to kiss her. Remind to when they to be younger and also Shi Hyun nearly kissed Soo Ji however they mutually laugh breaking the spell. Shi Hyun moves in because that the kiss. Soo Ji division away explain she doesn’t desire to. Yet if he is willing to aid her gain revenge on Tae Hee, she’d be grateful. Shi Hyun is willing to do what Soo Ji’s wants. Unable to stay away, Lee Se Joo (Kim Min Jae) returns and is relieved to find Shi Hyun and Soo Ji bickering not making out.

Soo Ji and Se Joo arrive at the hospital. Shi Hyun send a photo of his calculation of Eun Tae. Soo Ji access time her mom at the hospital. She’s no happy the her mom is currently sporting an engagement ring native Shi Hyun’s father. Her mother points out that Soo Ji has a privileged life all because of her efforts. Soo Ji is unmoved note the price she paid was a mom that put various other things before being a parent.

Soo Ji spots Tae Hee and urges Shi Hyun to acquire a relocate on it. Shi Hyun access time Ko Kyung Joo’s house thinking Tae Hee resides there. He is dismayed to find Kyung Joo’s mommy who the dallied with resides there. She takes the flower he intended because that Tae Hee suspect he lugged them for her. Eun Tae Hee (Joy) spies Shi Hyun and also turns Kyung Joo around so she doesn’t view him. It’s every for naught and Shi Hyun ends up talk to Kyung Joo who isn’t happy the he dallied with her mother. Kyung Joo tells Tae Hee no to get associated with Shi Hyun.

Shi Hyun waits for Eun Tae in ~ the bus stop. She no thrilled to see him. He adheres to her ~ above the bus. She no thrilled he followed her. Yet when a guy bothers her, Shi Hyun throws him turn off the bus impressing every the passenger despite Eun Tae marvels if Shi Hyun paid the male to bother her (she guessed the correctly). Shi Hyun reminds she they met previously on this bus. Eun Tae flashes ago to their very first meeting. Shi Hyun holds the end his hand to Eun Tae. She stares into his eyes.

Summary – Soo Ji it s okay Shi Hyun to go after Eun Tae because that petty revenge.My Thoughts

Our trio’s parents nothing seem to know what nursing is. i don’t totally understand the interwoven relationships through the adults yet it appears that Shi Hyun’s father as soon as loved Tae Hee’s mother. I have actually no idea what the transaction is through Soo Ji’s mother but she was sobbing in misery. Was it due to the fact that of Soo Ji’s pain, she alliance marriage or something else? Se Joo’s father’s odd family members dining suffer was uneven anything I’d watched before. Se Joo and his lot of brothers sit at the table while the wives stand and also hope to it is in picked because that the one accessible chair that Se Joo’s mother used to occupy. The a twist type of musical chairs.

The revenge plot no as amazing as the intertwining the the adult and also young adult characters. That a bit of a mess trying to unravel all the interrelationships. ~ above one hand, the poor parenting provides the spoiled habits of our trio seem much less egregious. ~ above the other hand, Soo Ji’s desire for revenge is “mean girl” and tiny minded. Shi Hyun and Se Joo no protest the plan, so they are no better.

Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo do Hwan) loved his mother and loathes his no bio-dad father. That mutual. The in itself is complicated to watch. Shi Hyun cares for Soo Ji yet was willing to use her come aide his eventual manage of the company merely to keep the foundation his mommy established. However Shi Hyun’s feelings because that Soo Ji made him agree to being the weapon of revenge. Shi Hyun had actually no qualms about using and also hurting Eun Tae so he’s no far better the Soo Ji. They are well suited however Soo Ji isn’t willing to lose Shi Hyun’s friendship for love.

Choi Soo Ji (Mun Ka Young) desire because that revenge appears petty. She blames Eun Tae for laughing with her jerk ex-boyfriend? Soo Ji is search revenge on the wrong person! The trio’s family angst drama buried this plot suggest for 2 episodes but it reared increase in the 4th episode. I understand this is the allude of the story, Shi Hyun likes Soo Ji and is willing to carry out her bidding. She’s the selfish one plotting versus Eun Tae for a young issue and also using Shi Hyun’s feel for she to bend him to her wishes. Ka Young go a decent project showing the disappointed Soo Ji has actually with her mother, who is selfish too. The apple didn’t loss far indigenous the tree.

Lee Se Joo (Kim Min Jae) hides behind a laugh so you don’t view the pain. I prefer this character. I want more from this character. He appears to be only eye candy and also best buddy for Soo Ji and Shi Hyun.

Eun Tae Hee (Joy) damaged up through her mother and also both women were ache in the encounter. climate she has actually Shi Hyun go after her. She can’t help but notification his good looks but her girlfriend Kyung Joo (and Kyung Joo’s mother) likes Shi Hyun for this reason she feeling obligated to store him in the girlfriend zone.

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Ranking the illustration (on a range from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good. My illustration ranking chart is below.

A video clip featuring the track “Bad Boy” by Red Velvet (Joy (aka Tae Hee) is a member) sums up the very first 4 episodes nicely. The song is a good fit because that Shi Hyun. Examine it out: