The long Dark is a very first personal realistic survive simulation created by a little indie developer Hinterland Studio. The task was started in 2013 and a secure stream of updates and brand-new game functionality has actually been included over the last 8 years. In mine opinion, The lengthy Dark is the many realistic and also complete survival simulation top top the market with very passionate community and also incredible roadmap.

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Their many recent update, unconvinced Prospect added a brand-new region dubbed Ash Canyon, new gear, challenges, feats and also custom settings. The discovery element of the long Dark is what makes the video game so unique. If you desire to learn everything yourself then feel free to skip this guide and also jump right into the game.

Tips for brand-new Long Dark Players

1. Walk, don’t Run

One that the biggest and also most usual mistakes a brand-new TLD player have the right to make is to sprint approximately the entire map choose a maniac. When springing can obtain you out of impending danger in a pinch, the expense of always sprinting outweighs the benefits. Girlfriend really simply need to take her time when experimenting the Canadian wilderness and also make clever decisions. Every second you waste not proceeding towards one area, is a seconf wasted.

Depletes her stamina bar – You will quickly become fatigued and also be required to to walk everywhere, potentially making it difficult to escape a dangerous instance when you require the toughness to execute so.Noisy –Wolves, bears, moose or other woodland creatures are much more likely to hear your movements and aggro on to you.Bars deplete quicker – Your major stat bars (hunger, thirst, energy) that keep you alive will conveniently run out once sprinting everywhere, making the harder come play catch up and also ultimately survive.

2. Carrying too much

Pretty self explanatory, however essentially don’t it is in a pack rat. That is important to have actually a main base but likewise several mini bases scattered along the method so you can make pit stops on long hauls. By looking at her character menu, friend can quickly see if you space over encumbered and also how lot weight you are carrying. Remember, you just really need to be carrying the essentials most of the time and you will uncover plenty of look on her excursions.

Slow movement – her character will noticeably move slower early out to all of the extra luggage. An excellent luck escaping the wrath of the wolves and also bearsStats deplete quicker – say goodbye to your hunger, thirst and stamina.

3. Overcooking food and also evaporating water


With the new Vigilant flame cooking update in 2018 that allows real time cooking and boiling that water has created extr immersion by forcing the survivor to multitask and ultimately no burn your food and evaporate beverages. If you room optimizing her gameplay, there will be times when you take a rapid 1 hour nap while you have actually items top top the stove. This has tendency to be the time when brand-new players miscalculate and also ruin their goods.

Watch cooking times and fire temperatures closelyMake certain you have enough firewood top top hand to finish your cooking sessionUtilize many burners to conserve energy and also get much more done in each cooking session

4. Not freezing her meat and also fish

Is a post-apocalyptic civilization with no warmth or refrigeration, brand-new players panic and also don’t recognize what to execute with new meat and fish. Rather of over-eating, you can simply location raw uncooked meat in the eye by your base and it will certainly not deplete in %.

Pro tip – You can wait until the meat get’s to 0% condition while raw, leave it outside and also when you cook it, it will be at 50% and also perfectly safe to eat after cookingWhen you kill a be affected by each other or moose, shot to harvest the meat as conveniently as feasible and save it outside. The corpse will ultimately dissapear.

5. Look very closely for surprise items

When friend play the long Dark, you have to really feel the desperation come survive and leave no stone unturned. Watch in the nooks and crannies the every framework you come throughout as the developers simply love hiding vital items in difficult to watch places.

Destroying crates, boxes and chairs and under beds deserve to sometimes expose items surprise under themTake the moment to really look

6. Take enemy wildlife seriously

Wolves, bears and also moose are extremely deadly and also you should proceed through caution as soon as engaging. Even if you win a fight with a wolf, they might rip all her clothing, cause you to bleed and be infected or reason a sprain. Be prepared and have a plan with just how you will deal with each predator.

Don’t think a few bullets will kill a bear – headshots do the most damage and are really hard come execute.Avoiding is the ideal policy most of the timeThrow stones come disctract wolvesCrouch and sneak v areasDon’t carry meat on girlfriend – castle have an excellent smell

7. Take it this one item everywhere – The Bed Roll

In most instances you deserve to probably discover a shelter to spend the night, yet on part occasions once you room desperate, friend will have to camp the end in the woods or some run down shelter. In this case you will require a bed roll to have the ability to sleep. A bed roll keeps girlfriend warm, for sure and enables you come replenish your stamina.

Don’t keep just a bed roll will save you warm in every situations. Camping the end in a cave, a automobile or shelter that protects friend from the wind in mix with a bed roll is ideal.Make certain you repair your bed rollYou can harvest a bed roll for one insane amount of cloth. Execute this v any additional bed roll you find if you space in need of cloth.

8. Rise your carrying capacity

There room two ways to boost the amount of weight you have the right to carry. The first is to get a moose hide satchel. This will add 11 pounds come your transporting capacity.

Taking under a moose, curing the hides and crafting the satchel is no basic feat, so don’t think girlfriend will have a moose hide satchel in the beforehand game. The second means to rise your transporting capacity is to gain the fine fed bonus by keeping your hunger from maintaining red or empty for 72 continuous hours. This offers you one more 11 pounds of delivering capacity.

If you room playing below the Interloper difficulty, girlfriend can discover one pre-made moose hide satchel in hushed river valley

9. Learn how to catch Rabbits

Craft snares and set up a trap line. Friend can’t really simply survive ~ above rabbits, however they have the right to keep girlfriend going for a if and assist you craft items to keep you warmth like mitts.

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Remember the snares can break so keep them out of blizzardsDon’t get impatient if you room not catching anything – look at for locations that have a many rabbitsYou can likewise throw stones at rabbits to shock them

10. Just have fun

There are so numerous mechanics in the long dark the it deserve to be overwhealming in ~ times but the video game is truly a gem and also the best part is learning, dying and restarting new runs in which friend will progressively progress her survival skills.

Have any other tips we forgot come mention, call and also we will inspect them out!