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If friend are getting The .NET frame 4.7 is not sustained on this operating mechanism error on Windows, here"s just how to fix.

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Many apps and services you space using top top Windows counts on .NET Framework. In the lack of forced version that .NET Framework, this apps/services might fail to work. In home windows 10, you deserve to install and use many versions the .NET Framework. If you’re not able to download any certain version the .NET Framework, this post is because that you. Recently one of my reader reached to me through this problem. On his system, he was store getting The .NET frame 4.7 is not supported on this operating system message. He was trying to install .NET framework 4.7, however this error didn’t allowed him to carry out so.


Before installing any type of version of .NET Framework, friend must have a clear information about currently set up version. Therefore if friend are also facing this problem, let united state see how you can resolve it.

Fix: The .NET structure 4.7 is not supported on this operation system

To fix this, you require to inspect if .NET framework 4.7 is really supported on her machine. To recognize the right now installed variation of .NET Framework, shot these steps:

1. open up Registry Editor.

2. walk to adhering to registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET structure Setup\NDP\v4\Full


3. If girlfriend can’t situate Full registry key, friend don’t have .NET framework 4.5 or later installed. While, if you can locate the Full it is registered key, look for the Decimal worth data of Release named registry DWORD (REG_DWORD). See adhering to table to check which variation of .NET frame is mounted on the system. This information is noted by Microsoft.

.NET framework VersionValue data (Decimal)
.NET structure 4.5378389
.NET frame 4.5.1378675
.NET framework 4.5.2379893
.NET structure 4.6393295
.NET frame 4.6.1394254
.NET frame 4.6.2394802
.NET framework 4.7460798
.NET structure 4.7.1461308
.NET framework 4.7.2461808
.NET structure 4.8528040

So as you’re do the efforts to download .NET frame 4.7, you must have Release registry DWORD’s Decimal worth data much less than 460798. If it is higher than 460798, then you’ve a newer version of .NET structure installed, and the older version (4.7) will certainly not install. Also, for precise .NET frame version number, over there is Version it is registered string (REG_SZ), i beg your pardon mentions it.

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Also, native this Microsoft documentation, you deserve to see the .NET structure 4.7 come pre-installed v Windows 10 variation 1703. You can installed it on windows 10 variation 1607, home windows 8.1 and also Windows 7. If her Windows variation is any kind of other 보다 these ones, you won’t have the ability to install .NET framework 4.7 since either the newer version is currently installed or it is not sustained for her version.