On the 2nd episode of The Night Shift season 3, TC gets right into a bar struggle which lands that in jail. Also on The Night Shift 2016, Jordan finds the end that a guy she walk on a date with has a an enig life. Keep reading to discover out every the details that tonight’s 2nd episode of The Night Shift season 3 and if you require to record up, check out the first The Night Shift 2016 recap right here!

This illustration of The Night Shift season 3 started off v Jordan, her date Matt, Shannon and Paul space out having ice cream when Matt passes out and goes through a glass door. Paul calls because that an ambulance and Jordan find herself having to plug a puncture wound in his butt, with her finger. Meanwhile, TC and Drew are at the bar, TC is depressed about the hospital gift sold and him and Jessica break up. That has had a lot come drink and also Drew needs to take off to see Briana. He supplies a girl a seat in ~ the bar and the girls’ boyfriend starts through him, this gets TC every wound up and he gets into a fight. This floor Drew and also TC in jail.

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Jordan gets her day to the hospital and also her and Scott start patching up his wounds when they operation a tox-screen to find out what he can have been on, he was sweating profusely right prior to he passed out. Paul pokes his head in come let Scott recognize that they uncovered a complement for Briana and are sending the lungs now. They space trying to call Drew, however with him being in jail ideal now, the isn’t obtaining his call calls.

Jordan finds out that Matt was on Molly and also he is additionally married, his wife Christina has actually just walked in and also she speak Jordan the they room in a polygamous marriage. Castle both see other human being outside the marriage and also she knew about Jordan, yet Jordan didn’t know about Christina. Christina also tells her that she suspected Matt was taking something due to the fact that he beginning seeing a girl much younger and also much wilder than her liking. Later, Matt ends up having a seizure and also the ativan that they generally use to protect against them isn’t working.

The transplant team is top top their means in, yet they still can’t acquire a organize of Drew, because Drew is still behind bars arguing with TC about what occurred at the bar. Scott finds Annie exterior after they have an argument about her informing TC that they to be talking around moving in together. Scott decides to tell her about the kiss between him and also Jordan and also that’s when the transplant team reflects up through Briana’s lungs. Briana is freaking out since Drew isn’t there with her and refuses to go to the OR there is no him there.

Meanwhile, they are still make the efforts to obtain Matt’s seizure come stop, however they don’t have actually his labs back yet to recognize why nothing is working. Jordan thinks that it might be his salt levels, but without his labs, she has actually no method of understanding for sure. She provides a call and also gives the a sodium shot in wishes that that will protect against his seizure. Meanwhile, attracted calls Kenny and also tells the what happened, Kenny speak him that Briana is walking in because that surgery and also he sends out Jessica come bail lock out. Attracted gets a ride back to the hospital lights and also sirens by among the officers, TC decides come walk residence regardless that Jessica’s plenty of attempts to speak to him.

Jordan is maybe to obtain Matt’s seizure come stop and also when Christina many thanks her and kisses her. Jordan pushes she away and then a man George concerns see him and also she finds out that Christina and also Matt have a boyfriend as well. Annie find Jordan and also she speak her the she knows about her and also Scott. She asks Jordan if she wants to get back with him and also Jordan tells her no and that she doesn’t yes, really know just how she feels around anyone or anything ideal now. Annie provides her a hug and tells her she knows how that feels.

Drew provides it come the hospital and also is standing over there with Syd that is there waiting for the to get there to give a letter of recommendation for the adoption case. Later we see attracted talking come the society worker that is going come do whatever in her strength to make this bar hit disappear and that’s when Syd to walk in through Drew’s husband who just acquired the call and also left job-related to be there v Drew and Briana.

TC it s okay on a bus and also Jessica complies with him, yet TC refuses to offer her the moment of day. The passes out on the bus. Meanwhile, Briana wakes increase from she surgery and she is doing yes, really well and the transplant team is very optimistic around her do a complete recovery. Meanwhile, Syd is passing out flyers about a mission she desires to carry out in Turkey and also that’s when Topher and also Jordan tell her v the revenue of the hospital, they room both in crisis mode. TC come in and sees Syd’s flyer and also asks if he can go along.

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Topher speak him that it could be in the finest interest the the hospital and the group if he gets out of there for a small while. Syd provides him the ok after ~ Topher vouches because that him. TC runs into Jordan on his way out and tells her the he is walking to clear his head and also do some good. She offers him a hug and tells him come be careful over there.

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