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Categorize each of the complying with as one of two people hardware or software. A.) CPU b.) C++ Compiler c.) ALU d.) C++ Preprocessor e.) entry Unit f.) an Editor regimen Answer: a.) Hardware b.) software application c.) Hardware d.) software application e.) Hardware f.) software application Example: 2Why can you desire to create a computer program in a machine-independentlanguage instead of a machine-dependent language? Ans: maker independent languages are helpful for writing programs come be executed on multiple computer system platforms such as PC"s, a MacIntosh or a Unix workstation.Why might a an equipment dependent language be much more appropriate because that writingcertain form of programs? Ans: an equipment dependent languages are appropriate for writing programs that will constantly be enforcement on a single platform. They tend to manipulate features and efficiencies that a certain machine. Example: 3Fill in the blanks in each of the following: a.) ___________ are supplied to paper a program and improve readability. B.) The object provided to print information on the display is ________. C.) A C++ explain that provides a decision is ________. D.) Calculations are typically performed by ____________ statements. E.) The _______ thing inputs values from the keyboard. Ans: a.) comment b.) cout c.) if d.) assignment e.) cin Example: 4Short Anwser: a.) Which reasonable unit the the computer system receives information from outside the computer system for usage by the computer? b.) The procedure of instructing the computer to solve specific problems is referred to as what? c.) What varieties of computer system languages provides English-like abbreviation for device language instructions? d.) Which logical unit of the computer sends details that has currently been handle by the computer to various devices so the the info may it is in used external the computer? e.) Which reasonable unit of the computer system retains information? f.) Which reasonable unit that the computer system performsa calculations? g.) Which logical unit of the computer system makes logical decisions? h.) The level of computer system languages many conveniently come the programmer for creating programs quickly and easily is what? i.) The just language that a computer system can directly understand is called what? j.) Which logical unit the the computer coordinates the tasks of all other logic units? Ans: a.) input unit b.) computer programming c.) high-level language d.) output unit e.) storage unit or second storage unit f.) arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) g.) arithmetic and also logic unit (ALU) h.) high-level language i.) an equipment language j.) central processing unit (CPU) Example: 5C++ Programming Problem: write a regimen that asks the user to enter two integers, obtains the number from the user, climate prints the bigger number followed by the native "is larger." If the numbers space equal, print the blog post "These numbers are equal." Example: 6C++ Programming Problem: create a program that reads in the radius that a circle and also prints out the circle"s diameter, circumference, and also area. Keep in mind pi = 3.1415926. Example: 7C++ Programming Problem: create a regimen that reads in 5 integers and determines and also prints only the largest and also smallest integers in the group. Example: 8C++ Programming Problem: create a regime that reads in a 4-digit number and then prints the end the individual digits separated by a single space. For example, if the customers enters 4326, the output have to be "4 3 2 6". Example: 9C++ Programming Problem: create a program that reads in a 4-digit number and then prints out the individual digits backwards be separate by a single space. Because that example, if the users enters 4326, the output need to be "6 2 3 4". Example: 10C++ Programming Problem: create a routine that prompts the user to go into two integers and then echos these values back out come the user. Climate the program will recognize if the second number is a many of the first. If it is a multiple, then publish a post saying so. If that is no a multiple than print out a post saying that. Example: 11C++ Programming Problem: write a regime that will read a number under 10 and also then compute the factorial of the number. Because that example, if the user enters 6, then the program need to compute 6*5*4*3*2*1 and also print this value.

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If the user start a number greater than 9, climate the program need to echo an error message and also then exit.