That was a large question ~ above The genuine Housewives of potomac Season 2 episode 12, as the ladies wondered about whether there was an ulterior engine for she exit. 

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When the episode got underway, the women wondered what Karen"s engine were for the random move, but all she could muster in reply was:

"I simply want to execute me." Yes, simply you keep telling you yourself that. 

While the various other ladies probed for answers, Karen asked she friends just to be happy because that her and move top top from questioning at every opportunity.

She climate dropped the bomb the she was planning a party in her brand-new home however stressed she did not think she would certainly be inviting her fellow actors members because, well, they"re not totally supportive the her. 


Ashley then verified she was quite despicable by make the efforts to it is in nice to gain on the guest list. Her reason for asking around the move was the she knew the least around it. 

Um, alright then. 

Meanwhile, Juan was gearing up for a brand-new job, and also his wife did not seem come think the was approximately the challenge. It was a coaching position on the women"s side. 

If you clock The real Housewives of potomac online, girlfriend will understand that the pair has been top top the rocks for rather some time and also are probably going come be finished soon.


Robyn already knew this, and also that"s why she do it she mission come let Juan understand she obtained a most attention native the males of Bermuda.

She then opened up about visiting the therapist and the news that she was to walk on a day with an additional man. Juan"s reaction was less than pleasant as soon as he heard she was acquisition advice from her friends. 

Robyn climate revealed that she does not want to be v anyone else and also would be happy v Juan if he controlled to offer her some an ext time. 

They ultimately determined it would be a good idea to continue to be together for 6 months and if things had actually improved, castle would stay together. If not, well, you obtain the picture. 


Elsewhere, Monique and her husband officially came to be Potomac homeowners, and Ashley, Karen, and also Charrisse stopped by to examine on the home. 

Karen consequently invited all of the females to her high-class party, prove she was talking crap previously in the episode. The females wondered why Karen moved away, but her brand-new home was huge. 

All seemed best at the end of the episode, v the just shocker gift the state the Ashley and also Michael"s relationship. 

What perform you think of every the drama? 

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The actual Housewives of potomac Recap: residence Is where The truth Is

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