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The time has come: The Royals ultimately crowned a king in Sunday’s season 3 finale. However is Robert yes, really the king we deserve, or are you still standing by #KingLiam? I’m betting you can guess where I stand on the issue.

Of course, the episode was jammed with big reveals, cliffhangers (since we’re obtaining a fourth season — rejoice, other Loyals!), and also heartbreaking moments. So, without further ado, I’ll give you my breakdown, finish with pushing questions i need to have answered in season 4. (And if you’re in search of even much more Royals, check out what creator mark Schwahn had actually to say around the finale here.)

Most how amazing TwistOnce top top a time, E! launched its an initial scripted series around the premise of a imperial family, the king of i beg your pardon announced he to be considering abolishing the monarchy. It appeared, means back in that pilot, the King Simon’s decision had actually something to perform with the “death” the his eldest son, Robert; his wild twins, Liam and also Eleanor; and also his sneaky queen, Helena. However it transforms out, that wasn’t the whole story. V a collection of flashbacks, we learn that the was since of Robert, and Robert’s shortcomings, that Simon wished to finish the monarchy. “Your hubris, Robert, it will be her downfall one day,” he says. “I have determined to disband the monarchy, my son. It’s not your fault. You’ve done nothing wrong. It’s just who you are… You have actually all the presents that have the right to be taught and also none that the presents that can’t. And also as lot as ns love friend — and I do love you, my kid — you will never make a an excellent king.” guess that defines why Robert had the portrait the Simon removed from the family’s sitting room.Burning Question: the chess enhance scene happened when Robert was reasonably close come the same period he is now, and also Robert plainly didn’t take it well. Do we think Robert’s plane crash wasn’t simply planned by Pryce and also executed by Boone, but, perhaps, the whole thing to be orchestrated by Robert together a way to oust Simon and also make himself seem almost miraculous? and also by the theory, to be Robert also in the aircraft when that went down?

Least how amazing TwistIt to be taking also darn lengthy for Robert to uncover out about Kathryn and Liam getting together when they thought he to be dead, therefore Robert plainly already And also sure enough, bearded Robert spotted them together prior to he ever before turned up at the palace and announced he to be alive. Further, we all he to be going come drop her choose a bad habit the minute he became king. I will say, i was nice shocked once he referred to as her “quite the whore in bed.” ns didn’t check out that coming… and also it stung.Burning Question: would Liam really take her earlier after whatever that’s happened? i kinda hope not.

Jack Parker, us Hardly YeIt was good to watch Queen Helena effectively appreciated this season by a handsome gent, but anyone who was walking to try to whisk the sovereign away from the royal residence for any kind of extended length of time (take heed, Sebastian) couldn’t probably be lengthy for this world. And also poor American Jack wasn’t. Apparently, his plane ago to the U.S. — the one Helena was almost on — crashed, and he didn’t survive.Burning Question: Um, remember what I stated earlier about Robert orchestrating a airplane crash? Who’s to say the wouldn’t execute it twice? and also let’s not forget the Robert fired Spencer. Looks favor no one touches Robert’s mom and also gets away v it. (Guess us shouldn’t call him about that time she hooked up through Jasper then…)

Robert’s many Conniving MomentJasper never obtained Eleanor’s Christmas love letter?! Robert stole it and also it in the fire?! go the guy not want to his sister happy? (And no, trying to change Jasper v a Sebastian set-up doesn’t count.)Burning Question: go he hate happiness?

Biggest HUH?!Okay, therefore after their tiny moment during the gala episode, ns wasn’t surprised to watch Willow make the perform of potential brides because that the King that England. “I hope the sorting hat isn’t too disappointed,” he said. Well, ns really expect the sorting cap is disappointed. So consider this “HUH?!” preemptive, due to the fact that having come wait until next season for her to revolve him under cold will inevitably make me nervous that she might think around it.Burning Question: walk he carry out this come stick one an ext knife in Liam’s back? He definitely did, right? no that willow wouldn’t do an remarkable queen…

The greatest Reason to count Down till Season 4That minute where Liam goes come Cyrus for help? That’s undoubtedly going to it is in HUGE. And also I am every in for the sparrow team-up. Bring. It. On.

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Outfit of the WeekEleanor’s fairytale princess moment — glass slippers and also all — was three periods in the making and also made my heart full.