When execute you get the error “settings conserved on this computer do not enhance the demands of the network“?

The article “settings saved on this computer do not complement the needs of the network” is really clear. The settings saved on your computer for that particular wireless SSID space not corresponding with the setups of wireless network the you are trying come connect.You get this error article on home windows Vista or home windows 7 operating system computer.

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Why this happens ?

Let’s take an example. Your wireless network surname is HOME. You currently have password protection. Your computer was connected to the HOME and it was working properly. Currently you visited your friend’s location with your laptop. You room trying to affix to the wireless network at her friend’s place. He additionally has the same wireless network name HOME but the password is different. Now the password because that the her HOME network is various than the password for her friend’s HOME network. Your computer system has your password saved. But when you try to attach the wireless network HOME at your friend’s place, your computer system will try to attach SSID with your password and also at the time girlfriend will obtain the error post ” settings conserved on this computer system do not match the need of the wireless network ”The other reason because that this error post is that the protection settings of her network can be changed.

How to fix this error “settings saved on this computer do not complement the requirements of the network”?

On your computer the setups for the wireless network room saved. At any time you affix to any kind of wifi successfully, your computer system will save the setups of that particular Wifi. You have the right to remove wireless network indigenous the list. When you eliminate wireless network indigenous the list, girlfriend will shed the settings of the SSID. Don’t worry. Currently you will require to connect to the Wifi again. Once you shot to affix to the wireless network you will see your SSID in the list. If your SSID is secured then it will certainly ask you to go into the security key or the password. (If you space not sure about the vital or the password climate you will need to open the setup page of the router and also check the settings of the router. ) when you enter the correct password, the will attach you to the Wifi and you will be may be to access Internet.

Follow these procedures to solve the error “settings saved on this computer do not match the demands of the network”

Click ~ above Start.Go to Control Panel.Go to network and also Internet.Go to network and also sharing center.You will see Manage wireless networks.Now you will watch all the wireless networks conserved on your computer system .Highlight your network and also click Remove at the peak .One through one remove all the networks that you space not using .Close the window , you will be ago to the network and also sharing center .Click on ” connect come a network” .Try to attach to the network again.If your network is secured then it will ask you because that the password or the network key.Type the correct network crucial and click connect. That will attach you.


Sometimes when you try to connect to the network it will offer you the article ” press the configuration button on your access point …” or go into the pen number . In that case, ~ above the very same window, at the bottom friend will find the option, i don’t want to configure, I want to get in the vital manually or I simply want come connect. Click that option and it will go come the next step.

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Follow the actions of Easy collection Up Guide to fix the error ” settings conserved on this computer do not enhance the demands … ”

Easy actions to affix to the wireless network

Easy setup overview is designed to occupational with Linksys wireless router , Netgear wireless router, D link wireless router and all other brands of routers.