A hedge maze for the historical Stanley Hotel, where Stephen King was influenced to compose “The Shining”, while staying in the now famed Room 217.

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Strawn Sierralta selected as among seven finalists in an international architecture competition that received 329 entries from developers in 34 countries and also 40 states. The competition went viral and was featured in rapid Company, CNET, Curbed, Thrillist, Gizmodo, Slate and also the UK’s day-to-day Mail, among others.




Founded as a high-end getaway, the remote lodge is apparently haunted and also hosts multiple daily Ghost Tours.

Listed on the national Register of historic Places, The Stanley Hotel is located in Estes Park, Colorado. Positioned just outside Rocky hill National Park, the cool hotel opened up in 1909 at an elevation of 7,500 feet.

Key spaces in the hotel were supplied for shooting the tv version the "The Shining"and infamously, Jim Carrey stood proudly on its front steps in white fur snow boots in "Dumb and Dumber .


SHORTEST route 722"

A made landscape can reflect the story line and also cinematography that the standard novel and also movie, while expanding the experience beyond the historical Colorado setting.

The physics maze is designed v as numerous “decision points” as feasible to maximize the moment visitors will spend in the maze. A clearing at the mid-point that the maze allows guests to take it a quick break before heading out for the second fifty percent of the journey.


The maze mirrors the consistent shots the Stanley Kubrick’s standard film,mirroring movie moments in the physics maze.

Key moment from the movie were used as impetus for the layout of the hedge maze. The Colorado Lounge, whereby Jack Nicholson"s character pens his novel, to be the note for consisting of a large main gathering space, the "Room". Danny"s clever escape in the last scene in the maze brought about the consist of of 2 "Backtracks", while seven "Dead Ends" are had as a nod come Jack Torrance"s untimely demise. The famous big Wheels" shots, whereby Danny pedals through the hotel, are embodied in 6 "Loops".




Experiencing the maze at different scales and also through various mediums.

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The physics maze is a naturally, immersive endure that becomes important interactive through the addition of digital components,including a GPS-enabled smartphone app and a wi-fi connected, range model.


Environments and Service Design:Strawn Sierralta

Competition Jury:

John Cullen, Owner, The Stanley HotelMidge Knerr, Lodge Inn Keeper, The Stanley HotelWendy Koenig, Mayor agree Tem,Town that Estes ParkTom Botelho, executive, management Director, Denver film SocietyMerlyn Paulson,Prof. Landscape Architecture,Colorado State UniversityHarriette Woodard, community Member, Estes ParkCydney Springer, Artist, Estes Park