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1. D The order of organic hierarchy from the smallest to highest possible is, species, genus, family, order, class, phylum/division, ki…View the complete answer

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Transcribed photo text: 1) The smallest and also most far-ranging taxon is A) genus. D) species. E) family. 8) The structure blocks of one enzyme space A) monosaccharides B) phosphate, glycerol, and also fatty acids. 9 amino acids. C) kingdom. B) phylum. 2) Sterile describes A) absence of spores. B) lack of any type of life forms and also viral particles. 9 pathogen free. D) homogenized. E) pasteurized D) nucleotides. E) glycerol and also fatty acids. 9) One nucleotide includes A) one nitrogen base. B) one phosphate. One pentose sugar. D) all of the options are correct. E) no one of the selections is correct. 3) utilizing microbes come detoxify a site contaminated with heavy metals is an example of A) bioremediation. B) epidemiology. Decomposition. D) biotechnology E) immunology. 10) Which comes to DNA however not come RNA? A) has uracil ) consists of nucleotides E) has ribose B) contains thymine D) includes adenine 4) every one of the complying with bases are uncovered in RNA molecules EXCEPT: 11. Which of the following describes why microbes are an overwhelming to study? A) they reproduce too quick B) They can be seen with a microscope. C) castle are greatly analyzed indirect D) every one of the over are correct C) adenine. A) cytosine. D) thymine. B) guanine. E) uracil. 5) The framework of proteins is complicated and unique, and also only certain molecules can connect with their surface features. The natural shape of cach protein is termed the native state. As soon as proteins space exposed to heat, acid, or alcohol, their form is disrupted and they become nonfunctional or 12. The theory of development states that A) every life on planet are related B) transforms that happen in organisms assist them adapt C) populace of organisms change over time D) all of the above are connected to evolution B) depolymerized. D) denatured. A) distorted. C) digested. 13) prestige of microbes include every one of the complying with 6) You notify the patient the it is important for she to maintain a diet well-off in carbohydrates, lipids, and also proteins, so that each of this macromolecules can be metabolized to kind a high-energy compound called A) CGMP. C) RNA. Except A) cheese manufacturing B) drugs C) bioremediation D) diseases E) there space no exceptions B) ATP. D) NAD. 7) once assigning a scientific name come an organism, A) the types name is put first. B) the types name deserve to be abbreviated. 9 the types name is capitalized D) both genus and types names are capitalized E) both genus and types names space italicized or underlined 14) i m sorry of the adhering to is mismatched? A) lipids-steroids B) Phospholipids-Hydrophobic C) chitin -polysaccharides D) enzymes-nucleotides E) Proteins-peptides