Answer: Quicktime have the right to be troublesome for some people\"s computers. If you download Apple Quicktime and also keep obtaining the message that Quicktime requirements to it is in installed, there space a pair of solutions you deserve to try.

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Please note that to apologize Quicktime is a prerequisite for vegas Pro and also Vegas Movie Studio to work-related properly. The is required by particular video codecs and also formats.


Apple Quicktime need to be installed on the same computer system you have actually Movie Studio or vegas Pro installed on. This is a prerequisite because that both programs and is provided in the minimum requirements. To apologize Quicktime is essential in case you room working with Apple video Codecs and also Formats.

Solutions because that the regime saying it demands apple quicktime

Solution 1

Sometimes installing an older version of Quicktime for windows will solve compatibility difficulties with Sony las vegas Pro and Sony Movie Studio Platinum.

Apple has actually dropped assistance for Quicktime on home windows 10 and also Windows 8.1 computers. If you shot to download the latest variation ofQuicktime 7.7.9on home windows 10/8.1, it may not work. The equipment is come installQuicktime 7.6, which will work.

If you room still utilizing Windows Vista or home windows 7, Quicktime 7.7.9 have to work OK because that you. If friend experience any type of problems in ~ all, the ideal solution is come installQuicktime 7.6.

Install program and also re-boot your computer. Now examine to view if you can import the videos that were no working.

Solution 2

If the video you room trying to import is encoded v a video Codec that is only supported by apple Macs, then you will certainly probably have actually to convert it first into a las vegas or Movie Studio trusted format/codec.

Solution 3

Sometimes you may simply be enduring an X-file. Arbitrarily errors that happen suddenly out of the blue, are frequently caused by corruption garbage records that have collected in the vegas Pro and also Movie Studio Platinum cache.

The remedy because that this is come delete the cache and restore all settings to default values.

Do this:

Turn Movie Studio/Vegas agree Off.Hold down manage and change keys in ~ the same time AND likewise AT THE same TIME double click program symbol on desktop computer to boots program.Window will certainly pop up.Select Delete Cache and also Yes.This will reclaim program to manufacturing facility Default Settings.


In April 2016, some protection vulnerabilities were uncovered in to apologize Quicktime.

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There is no should panic around this development. From all the accessible information that I have read, the trouble is only with the actual Quicktime player and also not v the codecs that get installed v QT. The defense flaws can only be set off if you tried come play a .mov video document in QT that is infected. Editing with .mov video clip files in las vegas Pro and Movie Studio will certainly not infect her computer. All you have to do is prevent playing videos with Quicktime and use a various media player. If you are super worried, delete the quicktimeplayer.exe paper from her computer and then nothing bad can happen.