The Vampire Diaries: 5 reasons Why Sybil was The Scariest villain (& 5 Why that Silas) The Vampire Diaries has many poor guys, but none an ext terrifying than Sybil and Silas. Who"s worse: the cannibalistic Siren or the immortal psychic?

number of scary villains in The Vampire Diaries presented an ominous danger to the Mystic drops gang. Sybil, the cannibalistic Siren, was introduced in the Season 7 finale and also terrorized the city throughout the show"s last season. Silas, one immortal psychic, escaped indigenous his dig in Season 4 and also targeted Elena and her friends before his death in Season 5.

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Sybil and Silas remain two that the show"s scariest villains. The Siren and the psychic both had actually ominous introductions come the show"s narrative, and also both big Bads could be considered contenders for the series" most terrifying antagonist.

Sybil has one that the creepiest and most foreboding introductions in The Vampire Diaries. The Siren is initially referred to as the Armory"s Monster, and also her true identification is a mystery to the citizens of Mystic Falls. She shows up in the Season 7 finale, wrapping she desiccated hands roughly Enzo in a chilling scene.

The suspense neighboring Sybil"s very first appearance in the stare is an ominous development for among the show"s scariest villains. The Siren is seen only in she monstrous type before make her first appearance as a person in Season 8"s "Hello, Brother."

The Mystic Falls crew travel to Nova Scotia in Season 4 to seek out Silas and also the cure because that immortality. Katherine ambushes Jeremy and also Bonnie after they discover Silas" tomb. The evil vampire attacks Jeremy before feeding him to the petrified immortal, who drinks indigenous him before breaking his neck.

Bonnie and also Jeremy attempt to take the cure native Silas yet are unsuccessful due to the his calcified condition. Silas kills among the Brotherhood that the five when he killing Elena"s younger brother, though Jeremy is later resurrected by Bonnie"s magic.

Sybil breaks cost-free from the Armory"s Vault in the Season 7 finale, and also ensnares Damon Salvatore and also Enzo St. John. She forces the vampires to serve her making use of her powerful psychic abilities, forcing castle to bring her the body of human being to feast on.

The Siren could be thought about a more powerful psychic 보다 Silas as Damon falls totally under she control. Enzo resists, impede the cannibal psychic from his thoughts to save Bonnie safe, yet he quiet struggles against Sybil"s compulsion.

7 Silas: not Revealing His True Identity

Silas keeps his true form a secret initially after breaking totally free from his tomb. The immortal psychic suspect the appearances of number of characters, consisting of Caroline Forbes and also Atticus Shane, and also a creepy shadowy number that lurks in the darkness favor a true villain.

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Silas offers this an enig to target his enemies, and proves self to be among The Vampire Diaries" scariest and also most dangerous antagonists. It is later on revealed the Silas is just one of the initial doppelgangers, and also the immortal share a confront with Stefan Salvatore.

Sybil wastes no time in cementing she villainous status by killing and also eating numerous people. In "Today will Be Different," she uses her psionic strength to undo an innocent male in a swimming pool, expressing pleasure at his suffering.

She at first uses she Siren voice to keep the guy calm prior to Damon notifies her that she has been feasting on fearful flesh since her escape. The Siren shows no remorse for she actions, and also gleefully clears the spell when her food is underwater.

5 Silas: Orchestrating The Deaths of 36 People

Silas provides his psychic powers to manipulate Professor Shane from within his tomb throughout Season 4. Shane, exhilaration on the immortal"s orders, orchestrates the deaths the twelve innocent world at pastor Young"s farm and twelve that Klaus" hybrids to form the very first two points of the Expression Triangle.

Silas needs to finish the Triangle to damage the various other Side for this reason he can take the cure and also be rejoined with his true love Amara in the afterlife. The Expression Triangle is later completed as soon as Caroline inadvertently death twelve witches.

Sybil only attributes in the last season of The Vampire Diaries, but the Siren kills an ext people 보다 arguably any type of other villain. She is first seen rising from a swimming pool of blood ~ feasting top top the flesh of people in a series of sickening scenes.

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The Siren murdered countless civilization throughout her long, immortal life. Her sister Seline tricked her into eating the meat of people thousands that years earlier as a human, and Arcadius cursed both sisters to proceed their cannibalistic means throughout their never-ending lives.

3 Silas: getting Inside Klaus" Head

Klaus Mikaelson is an additional well-known antagonist ~ above The Vampire Diaries, that left Mystic falls in the Season 4 finale for TVD spin-off show, The Originals. Klaus is a formidable enemy and also a powerful foe. When Silas manages to manipulate the hybrid"s mind, it highlights the outstanding power the immortal psychic possesses.

Silas displayed the near endless nature that his powers by obtaining inside Klaus" head. The original hybrid is plagued through hallucinations till he is distracted by Caroline.

Sybil senses that Elena is Damon"s last link to his humanity, and attempts to piece the vampire of his most important relationship, utilizing her psychic strength to manipulate Damon. She invades his mind and also replaces the images of Elena in his memories v herself, furthering seducing the vampire under a dark route to Hell.

The Siren recognizes that Elena to represent the good in Damon, simply as Bonnie symbolizes Enzo"s desire to be a much better person. She tries to piece Damon of the last connect to his life, though luckily for Delena fans, his love because that Elena prevails.

1 Silas: Manipulating Grieving People

Silas spreads his villainy even while imprisoned in his dig by Qetsiyah"s curse. The an effective psychic calcifies together he refuses to take the cure and also join Qestsiyah top top the other Side. He offers his abilities come manipulate civilization into law his bidding, consisting of a grieving Atticus Shane.

Shane stumbles across Silas" tomb, and the immortal create a hallucination that Shane"s dead wife, Caitlin. Silas provides the very same trick v Bonnie, forcing she to see picture of Grams that implores she to perform what he wants. This displayed the sheer strength of the immortal psychic, and also makes him one of the show"s scariest villains.

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