Now top top the task manager window, discover the “Broadcast DVR server”. Right-tap ~ above it and choose the “End Task” option.

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Once that is done, check on the worry to make sure it obtained resolved. If the is yet no fixed shot the following method.

Once the command display screen appears, create “wuauclt.exe /updatenow” followed by the get in key. Let the run, it might take an hour so be patient till that ends. This will find and also install update successfully.

Once your home windows 10 device turns on, try recording the video game in her Xbox game bar. If the issue “there’s naught to record play some more” persists then move to the next message together your Graphics might be the culprit here. 
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Go for Graphics Driver update

Graphics map has an essential role while play games. Many users found this technique helpful, especially the one who acquired this error after updating their home windows 10. Occasionally an old version of the graphics card deals with incompatibility issues in compliance v updated services. So, it’s advisable to have actually an updated collection of related drivers.Go v the below-mentioned set of procedures to execute updates:
Open the operation box making use of shortcut tricks i.e. Home windows logo key with alphabet “R”.Go with this command “devmgmt.msc”, after inputting it press ENTER. This will certainly take you to the device Manager screen.
Tap ~ above the “Display Adapters” come expand and choose your Graphics driver. Right-tap top top it and choose “Update Driver Software”. There could be two choices if your system has combined graphics with an external graphics driver. In the case, upgrade both of them one by one.
You will gain two options, walk for the very first “Search instantly for update driver software” option. Carry on with an on-screen collection of instructions.Go because that “Restart”.
Once it transforms on, examine if the issue “there’s nothing to document play some more” got fixed or not. If not then go through the following fix. 

Remove the short-term file

Junk documents are also the factor behind this issue. Temporary documents need to be removed to clean the undesirable space. Sometimes this stays clear of recording and also smooth gaming experience. This is rather a weird settle ut the has functioned for many. As you never understand the unexpected.Go through the listed below steps to remove the temp file:
Now create “%temp%” complied with by the go into key. You acquire a display named TEMP listing the temporary documents folder.In situation there is not an essential file just choose all the files and also press the transition and Delete vital at once. This will certainly permanently eliminate these temp files.
You may get prompts for part files, just tap the “Skip” toggle, and continue v the process. Once it ends simply Refresh your home windows 10 system.
Afterward, inspect if the worry got solved or not. If no then walk for the next method to disable and permit the Windows game bar application in settings. 

Disable and allow Game bar

There are chances that your Gaming app must have a configuration defect. Together per some customers after transforming configuration, they resolved the “there’s naught to record play part more” error.Go with the undermentioned steps to do this procedure:
Open the Settings home window by tapping the Windows key with “I”. Look because that the “Gaming” option and click ~ above it come open.Look for the “Game bar” in the left pane, tap on it. Then, disable “Record video game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using game bar” option.
Now, go for the “Captures” Option obtainable in the left pane, insanity on it to broaden in the ideal pane. Below the BACKGROUND record subheading, simply turn off “Record in the background while I’m play a game”. Wait for 40 to 50 secs then revolve it ~ above again.Also, again switch to the “Game bar” choice and permit the “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using video game bar” option.
Now, shot recording her favorite game to examine if yes sir nothing to document play some more stopped persisting. If it doesn’t then go v the Windows integrated troubleshooter in the next method. 

Go for an in-built troubleshooter

Windows is great with that troubleshooting tools. As for numerous users, troubleshooter has smelled and vanished issue. You can be happy here, as for many users this has worked out.Go through the below-given steps very closely to troubleshoot the Windows keep apps.
Open the search bar making use of the Windows vital with “S”. Find “Troubleshoot”, situate it, and tap to open.
Now in the appropriate pane, navigate till the finish to find “Windows store Apps”. Broaden it through tapping on it and click the “Run the Troubleshooter” option.
It will start detecting, in instance it find something climate go through the additional on-screen guidance to end up the fix. You might get “Reset one app” instruction just Tap “Next” to continue.
Now shot playing and recording your favorite video game to inspect if the issue “there’s naught to record play some more” gained fixed or not. If not then we advise you to relocate to the next fix. 
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Go for Re-installing your Xbox App

Reinstallation has functioned for many, together this merely fixes the missing file issue. Also, refreshes the whole configuration from start. In case due come updates or games, the application got influenced then this will be advantageous to you. We have described steps for home windows 10 Xbox play game users.Note: before proceeding, we recommend girlfriend to simply log the end the Xbox or gaming application you room using. Climate restart her system and also open it again and also log in back. This an easy thing has operated for a few.Go with the adhering to steps to re-install Xbox:
Now copy or type this command together it is then pushing the enter key:Get-appxpackage *xboxapp* | Remove-appxpackage.
Once it finishes, Xbox will get totally removed native your windows 10 PC.Now just attach with the internet, and also go to the Microsoft keep to download the Xbox app.
 Once the environment finishes, examine if the problem “there’s nothing to record play some more” acquired fixed or not. If no then we recommend you to walk for online official support.

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Note: If you room using an alternate screen recorder (Not Xbox) and facing similar kind the issue. First, uninstall it, simply open run (tap Win key + R) and kind “appwiz.cpl” press Enter. Then find your application and also choose “Uninstall”. Then because that re-installation, visit the main site come download the new package. Afterward, operation it to download by adhering to the instructions. 

Tips to avoid There’s nothing to document Play some More

We recommend you to play the video game in Full-screen mode. Sometimes this comes out as a silent culprit.Sometimes the game is the reason, be mindful with that configuration favor resolution and also other services before playing it.Make certain your system is in gaming mode. In case it is in power saving mode, you will get the assorted unexpected issue.

Contact main Support

If you have actually not got rid of “there’s nothing to record play some more”, walk for main support. As per the manufacturer of her application, get the official support.Xbox users have the right to reach the end to Microsoft’s official website to get help. Also, you can contact your systems support executive if no one of the over works. Us hope best! 

Final Words: Conclusion

Our team has created an authentic set of options to solve the “there’s nothing to document play some more” issue. Us hope now you deserve to record her favorite video game while playing. If friend have any type of doubt nothing hesitate to ask. And do mention your principles as well about the approach.Overall, as soon as you are done v fixing. Nothing forget to share her views to evaluate our dedication. 

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