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(There to be a) Lady all Skin and Bone

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Jean Ritchie sang Skin and Bonesin 1952 on she Elektra albumSinging the timeless Songs the Her timeless Kentucky hill Family.Edward Tatnall Canby composed in the sleeve notes:

A musical ghost story, commonly sung in a half-light with much shiveringexpectation in the hearne audience. The explosive BOO! the invariablybreaks up the party in ~ its end can not efficiently recorded; we"ve placed ina microphonable substitute.

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Ewan MacColl sang Old Lady all Skin and also Bonesin 1961 top top his and Peggy Seeger"s Folkways albumTwo-Way Trip.They also included the song year earlier in your bookThe singing Island.The album"s liner notes commented:

‘Death and also the Lady’ has been a common theme in european artfrom the Middle periods onwards. Many of the song on this theme retain somethingof the medieval homiletic poem. In contemporary times the theme has actually inspired anumber of lugubrious ditties, the most noteworthy gift those which to be sungby American soldiers in people WarI and by brothers airmen in people WarII.Perhaps the many assimilated people version that the topic is in the Scotsnursery rhyme, The weird Visitor.

Cyril Tawney sang There was a Lady every Skin and Boneon his 1970 Argo albumChildren’s song from Devon and also Cornwall.He noted:

A favourite ‘scarey’ track to frighten the unsuspecting.I recorded this version from Molly Spooner of Yelverton, Devon, in June 1964.

Jo Freya sang There to be a Lady all Skin and Bonein 1992 on her Saydisc albumTraditional song of England.The liner note commented:

A well-known subject in european literature and music for centuries was theDeath and also the Ladytheme and this gruesome song is a typical timeless song manifestation.A children ditty in America runs:

The worms to crawl in, the worms keen out,The worms pat pinochle on your snout.

A soldier’s song in the American military during the first World Warfollowed the same pattern, as did a brothers airman’s song during the2nd people War.

The Devil"s expression sang Lady all Skin and also Bonein c.2005 on your EPDemon Lovers,and Jim Causley sang the in 2007 on his WildGoose solo albumLost Love Found.He noted:

This is a version of a song my Mum supplied to song to mine sister and me whenwe were children. Her favourite time to song it to united state would be once driving homethrough winding lanes at night simply after she had actually pretended the automobile had brokendown… i think that defines why I flourished up come be rather unbalanced!James can take all the wrap for the choice of chords, somehow thisarrangement really provides me think the the music to the computer game,‘Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge’.Anyone who has ever owned an Amiga will certainly know specifically what ns mean!

Eliza Carthy sang Lady every Skin and Bonein 2019 on her Topic albumRestitute.She noted:

A campfire classic! i don"t remember wherein or once I learned this.I"ve been to sing it currently for for this reason long. There room comedy versions out therebut I"ve constantly loved the lesson, and the worms… the an initial appearanceof a sexton here , gateway come the further world andleveller of everyone rich and poor.

Jackie Oates and also John Spiers sang There to be a Lady all Skin and also Boneon your 2020 albumNeedle Pin, Needle Pin.


Ewan MacColl sings Old Lady all Skin and also Bones The Devil"s Interval sing Lady every Skin and Bone

There was a lady all skin and bone,And together a lady was never ever known;It occurred on a holiday,The lady checked out church come pray.

There to be a lady all skin and bone,And together a lady was never ever known;It taken place on a holiday,The lady went to the church come pray.

And when she come unto the stile,She tarried over there a tiny while;And when she come unto the door,She tarried there a small more.

And when she come unto the stile,She tarried there a little while;And once she come unto the door,She tarried over there a tiny more.

And when she come unto the aisle,She had a sad and also woeful smile;She"d come a long and a weary mile,Her sin and also sorrow to beguile.

And once she come unto the aisle,She had actually a sad and a woeful smile;She had actually come a long and also a weary mile,Her sin and sorrow to beguile.

And she walked up and also she to walk down,And she witnessed a dead guy upon the ground;And from his nose unto his chin,The worms crept out and also the worms crept in.

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Well, she"s go up and she"s go down,And she saw a dead man all ~ above the ground;And native his nose unto his chin,The worms crept out and also the worms crept in.

Then the lady come the sexton said,“Shall ns be so as soon as I am dead?”And the sexton come the lady said,“You"ll be the same as soon as you room dead.”

And together the worms v him go creep,Then asked the lady if sore she did weep,“Will ns be this means oh when I die?”And the dead male turned his head and also he answered, “Aye!”

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