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The best-selling publication on academic writing—in use at much more than 1,500 schools.“They say / i Say” identify the key rhetorical move in academic writing, mirroring students exactly how to framework their disagreements in the bigger context of what others have said and also providing templates to assist them do those moves. And, due to the fact that these moves are main across every disciplines, the book includes chapters on writing in the sciences, writing in the social sciences, and—new to this edition—writing around literature.

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Gerald Graff, a professor that English and also education in ~ the college of Illinois in ~ Chicago and also 2008 president of the contemporary Language association of America, has had a significant impact top top teachers with such books as Professing Literature: an Institutional History, beyond the society Wars: just how Teaching the problems Can Revitalize American Education, and also Clueless in Academe: how Schooling Obscures the Life the the Mind.Cathy Birkenstein is a lecturer in English at the college of Illinois in ~ Chicago. She has published essays on composing in college English, and, v Gerald Graff in The Chronicle of higher Education, Academe, and also College Composition and also Communication.

Editorial Reviews

Demystifies academic argumentation.

Patricia Bizzell

This book demystifies rhetorical moves, tip of the trade that many students room unsure about. It’s reasonable, helpful, nicely composed . . . And also hey, it’s true. I would have found it immensely helpful myself in high school and also college.

Mike Rose

The finest tribute come “They say / ns Say” I’ve heard is this, from a student: “This is one publication I’m no selling back to the bookstore.” Nods all roughly the room. The students love this book.”

Christine Ross

The debate of this book is important—that there room “moves” to academic writing . . . And that knowledge of them deserve to be generative. The template style is a good way to teach and also demystify the moves that matter. I prefer this publication a lot.

David Bartholomae

A excellent book. . . . It’s like a membership map in the scholastic club.

Eileen Seifert

Students have to walk a good line between their work and also that that others, and also this book helps them walk that line, providing certain methods and also techniques because that introducing, explaining, and also integrating various other voices through their very own ideas.

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Libby Miles

This book uncovers the rhetorical conventions the transcend disciplinary boundaries, for this reason that even freshmen, newcomers come the academy, are immediately able to sign up with in the conversation.