Windows 10 is continually evolving with a new update time and again. However, it still comes through lots of worries like pc boots slowly, unable to pat DVD movies, no enough an are to install home windows 10, and also many more. One such problem is the “You’ll need a brand-new app to open up this .exe file” error in home windows 10.

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This error can be really frustrating once you space trying to open up an executable paper and the error mr up. The error does not permit you to open the record and that’s as soon as you should troubleshoot the problem with immediate effect. While some problems are reasonably easier to solve, some have the right to be yes, really challenging. However, addressing this error is pretty easy. Let’s find out just how to fix the error while opening a .exe file.

How to fix You’ll require a new App to open This .Exe record Error in windows 10

Step 1: click on the Windows icon on your desktop and kind Regedit in the find box. Now, right-click ~ above the result and click Run together Administrator come launch the Registry Editor.


Step 2: In the it is registered Editor window, navigate to the below path:


The command sub-key is emphasize on the left side of the pane. Now, ~ above the ideal side of the pane, right-click ~ above the string called Default. Click on Modify to open up the Edit String popular music up.


Step 3: In the modify String popular music up, adjust the Value data come the value offered below.

"%1" %*Press OK to conserve the changes and also exit.


Step 4 – Now, walk to the adhering to path in it is registered editor.

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.exeStep 5 – twin click ~ above Default top top the best side and make sure its value data is exefile.

If not adjust it come exefile.


Step 4 – Now, walk to the adhering to path in it is registered editor.

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefileStep 5 – dual click on Default top top the best side and also make certain its value data is Application.

If not adjust it come Application.


Reboot your mechanism and shot opening a .exe document to check if it’s opening and also does not present the error. Her “You’ll require a new app to open up this .exe file” error in home windows 10 must be fixed now.

Note: – If this does no work, repeat this technique while booting in safe mode.

Method 2 – Reset windows store

1. Click Start Button and also then equipment shaped icon to open up settings panel.


2. Click on Apps.

3. Find store in the search box top top the right.

4. Click Microsoft store native the search result.

5. Now, click Advanced options.


6. Now, scroll down and also Click on Reset and also reset Microsoft store.

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