The story This is What It way to to speak Phoenix, Arizona through Sherman Alexie is the story of a journey taken by Victor and also Thomas Builds-the-Fire after ~ the death of Victor’s father. Cutting board Builds-the-Fire, the town storyteller, is the last human being Victor, a man down on his luck, would have chosen come travel through him, however, the memories they share follow me the means makes their time together unforgettable. Alexis offers the common life experiences of the key characters, Victor and Thomas-Build-the-fire, to lug them with each other while reflecting the battle of contemporary Native Americans, and how an action of kindness have the right to greatly affect someone’s life.

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To begin, Victor has actually both shed his job and received the news of his father’s passing every in the same day. With a absence of money come afford the trip to retrieve the belongings from his father Victor, accepts an sell from cutting board Builds-the-Fire to pay for the pilgrimage with the stipulation of accompanying him.


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His own feelings in the direction of his father are an ext conflicted he felt abandoned and estranged native his dad after the left your family however now is emotion grief understanding he is gone. Thomas also shares that his mother’s death when he was born. Sax to write in an article analyzing the story that “Even though Thomas’s mother died in childbirth, and he was increased by his grandmother, he knows the loss the Victor feel in losing even an absent father” (Sax 1). The knowledge of the shared experiences provides insight to why Thomas want to do the pilgrimage with Victor.

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Furthermore, this story brings to irradiate the struggles the aboriginal American society face. Candace Andrew to write of those battles stating “ recommendations to the BIA, cutting board Builds-the-Fire’s HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) house, poverty, alcohol, and the preventive underscore the tragic history of the indigenous Americans’ interactions v the U.S. Government and also their emotional consequences” (1). Cutting board Builds-the-Fire is impacted by the consequences an ext than others he is resentful come a country that has oppressed his civilization while gift rejected and also ridiculed through his own world for his strong ties come the ancestors and also nature. Obviously, racism dram a role in this story with the race of the characters always specified and also the key charters are described as “Indians” together though castle are less than since of your race.

While sharing memories along the method one that sticks the end the most when Victor’s dad who verified kindness come Thomas as soon as he was in need in exchange for watching over Victor. The stories thomas tells always end positively and he watch the good in people. There is no Thomas, Victor would certainly not have actually been maybe to acquire to his fathers belonging and also Thomas offered that regardless of Victor treating him poorly. Richard Sax write “Thomas’s money and companionship are openly given to Victor in bespeak to treatment for the in this literal, physical passage toward adulthood” (1). The selfless act by thomas Builds-the-Fire reflects true goodness there is no return.

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In conclusion, the journey together created a new bond for the two old friends over the brand-new shared memories and experiences. Victor necessary the pilgrimage with cutting board Builds-the-Fire to have actually time to pertained to terms with the grief indigenous the loss of his father and also do that through someone who had experienced it. The story reflects the raw struggles of indigenous Americans and how they watch themselves and also how they have actually been treated. Thomas Builds-the-Fire has provided Victor a gift the is important priceless and also with really hopes of a positive influence on his life. V this journey, these two share a brand-new found bond and a story to add to cutting board Builds-the-Fire repertoire to share for a lifetime.

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