Our goal is to produce the longest purebred Seragamma Wyvern even Generation ever. The lineages involved in this project will all be purebred Seragamma Wyverns. This is a very friendly group and also we always welcome newcomers, so ns hope girlfriend will take into consideration joining us. Ideas and suggestions because that the team are constantly welcome. Message me if girlfriend have any type of questions.

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Seragamma Wyern



Brown, orange,white, black


CB egg is in the: Volcano


Dragon Descriptions:



\"This plain-looking egg has faint speckles.\"



\"Aww... The a cute infant dragon. It’s got two pairs of large sharp claws that it provides to defend itself.\"


Mature Hatchling:

\"Aww... It’s a cute infant dragon. It’s got two bag of big sharp claws the it uses to safeguard itself.And look! It has actually grown wings! It must be close to maturing.\"



\"Seragamma Wyverns space vicious raptors from volcano valleys. They space fast and agile hunters with an excellent vision. They space mostly active during evening and night. Seragammas are not only notorious for death anything that can provide them through sustinence, but additionally their opponents throughout mating season. Such fights are usually accompanied by loud shrieks, used as a warning for various other creatures not to interfere. Rivalry and also fighting in between male Seragammas has tendency to reason them to prevent their own gender; however, males will sometimes group up with more than one female.\"






S1 Hatchling:



S2 Female: 



S2 Male:




Adult Female



Adult Male






Contact one of us:









If you\"re interested in being apart that the group there space a couple of things you need to know very first to join.


** RULES **


1.) you must have at the very least one PB Seragamma Wyern dragon.If girlfriend have any kind of questions around whether or not a dragon is eligible, let us know and also we\"ll check for you.


2.) please no inbreeding, freezing, or killing.


3.) you must join the group first and be approved before you get any type of eggs.


4.) Be able to follow all rules.


5.) do a team for her scroll title \"The PB Seragamma Project\" to keep track the dragons associated with this project.


6.) Offers/gifts indigenous other human being that room not members that the job are not allowed.

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Here is the group banner you can put on her signature. Just copy the banner because that the code. Ns have obtained permission indigenous Earthgirl to use her art occupational on the banner.