“I’m Goin' Down” to be the 2nd single from mar J. Blige’s career-defining 1994 album my Life and a cover of the classic Rose Royce torch ballad from the soundtrack of the… read More 

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Time on my handsSince you've been away, boyI ain't got no plans, no no no noAnd the sound of the rain, against my windowpaneIs slowly, is gradually drivin' me insane, boyI'm goin' downI'm goin' down'Cause you ain't around, babyMy whole world's upside downSleep don't come easyBoy, please believe meSince you've been gone, everything's goin' wrongWhy'd you have to say, “Goodbye”?Look what you've excellent to meI can't protect against these tears indigenous fallin' from my eyes, ooh babyI'm goin' downI'm goin' down'Cause friend ain't around, babyMy totality world's upside down
Ooh, infant loveGoin' down, goin' downMmm, I'm goin' downOoh I, II'm goin' downI'm goin' down'Cause you ain't around, babyMy totality world's upside downOoh, goin' down, goin' downOh, ns don't recognize what come doIf I ever lose you, I'll it is in goin' downI said, “I'll it is in goin' down”Oh, you re welcome forgive me, babyI'm so sorry, sorry, sorry, sorryWhat go I carry out wrong?I said, “What did I carry out wrong?”Please pardon me, baby, and also come ~ above homeGoin' downGoin' downGoin' downMmm
“I’m Goin\" Down” to be the 2nd single from mary J. Blige’s career-defining 1994 album My Life and also a sheathe of the standard Rose Royce torch ballad indigenous the soundtrack of the 1976 movie Car Wash.

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R&B girl team Y?N-Vee released a music video clip covering the same increased Royce song a day before Blige’s impacted radio and TV top top January 18, 1995. Blige’s success with the song fully obscured her competitors as Blige’s ascended come #13 ~ above the R&B charts and the group’s stalled out at #57.

Mary J. Blige’s music video clip for the track was shooting in black-and-white and also directed through Matthew Rolston. It features the top imagery of limitless duplicates of mar in a black color pantsuit swaggering rhythmically down a white stairway.

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