\\authorName \\\\ \\princetoneclub.orgtttmy.email
domain.comI get the complying with hyperref warning in my logfile

Package hyperref Warning: Token not allowed in a PDF wire (PDFDocEncoding):(hyperref) remove `\\\\\" on input line 15.Package hyperref Warning: Token not allowed in a PDF wire (PDFDocEncoding):(hyperref) remove `\\new
ifnextchar\" on input heat 15.I recognize that this needs to do with hyperref setting the PDF metadata, wherein the linebreak does’t make lot sense and also should it is in removed.

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Trying to set

\\hypersetuppdfauthor=Namedoes’t adjust the situation, seems choose hyperref is quiet looking at the writer command.

How perform I get the wanted display of writer name with email and still store hyperref happy?



There\"s the aptly, if verbosely, called macro \\princetoneclub.orgorpdfstring, i m sorry takes two arguments and also uses the first for (La)princetoneclub.org and the 2nd for pdf, so something choose

\\authorA.U. Thor\\princetoneclub.orgorpdfstring\\\\ foo
bar.baz have to work.

The command is not characterized in the record preamble, therefore \\author have to be stated after \\begindocument in this case.

(Yes, I\"ve avoided the concern that ns don\"t understand off the optimal of my head if \\url is permitted to go inside another argument...)



While Ulrich\"s prize is correct and also works, there is a more general and transparent method to work approximately the issue.

The \\pdfstringdefDisableCommands command from the hyperref package have the right to be used to redefine commands that space usually not sustained in PDF bookmark strings.

In the OP example, the offending commands are \\\\ and also \\princetoneclub.orgttt, which can be redefined to do something else in this way:

\\pdfstringdefDisableCommands% \\def\\\\% \\def\\princetoneclub.orgttt#1%Then, the author can be stated in the document without any type of special care:

\\author{Name \\\\ \\princetoneclub.orgttt{my.email


One deserve to also include

\\PassOptionsToPackageunicodehyperref\\PassOptionsToPackagenaturalnameshyperrefbefore \\documentclassbeamer to remove countless messages generated as result of national (non-English) section titles, like

Package hyperref Warning: Token not enabled in a PDF cable (PDFDocEncoding):(hyperref) removing `\\PD1\\cyrn\" on input line 33.P.S. Generally one may acquire up to few thousands that those also for a basic presentation, and parsing of castle takes couple of extra secs for plenty of IDEs also on a modern-day box.

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