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too young - sabrina carpenter

I’m probably too old to be writing about this song, offered that human being I understand my period are obtaining married ~ above purpose, however if i think earlier far enough I have the right to remember what the was favor to be young and sure I was in love, so let’s go earlier in time for a bit.

When ns was 13, 14, 15, I had actually a finest friend. I fairly genuinely thought she would be my finest friend for the rest of my life, in spite of our long distance friendship. I additionally definitely assumed I remained in love with her, which was a lot of awakenings at the time however definitely not the point. The allude is that i was 15 and also in love, and defiant that ns wasn’t as well young for that.

If I’m too young / to fall in love / why perform you keep running with my brain?

Sabrina sings the beginning of this tune from one outsider’s perspective, things human being have stated to her. Everyone tells me i gotta go slow / and also it’s gonna hurt occasionally / no issue what friend do. When you’re young, anyone sets you up for heartbreak. Every little thing it is, if you’re young, it won’t last. That can’t last. It’s no real.

I don’t want to say that’s true but it type of is. Ns haven’t talked to mine old finest friend since I was 18 and she up and also decided we weren’t girlfriend anymore. That isn’t fair to her, but this isn’t her platform, it’s mine, so for the sake of the narrative ns wasn’t also young to know I was in love v her and she up and also left.

So it’s gonna hurt sometimes.

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I know better now than I did when I to be a teenager, however I was in love then inasmuch as I knew how to be. It to be real. If I’m as well young / to understand anything / why carry out I know that I’m simply not the same? That’s real, inasmuch together anything have the right to be real once you’re 15. I’ve acquired to loss to fly.

Sabrina’s not misguided or young, yet what she’s experiencing is a details kind of real that’s only real because that a short period of time. It’s just real as soon as you’re young, in those liminal teenage years where every little thing is too real and also you feel it all much more than anyone else.