Here is what I finally did to solve the problem:I did not find any kind of other bluetooth stack, as well as the persons mentionend in the very first post. Ns then kept on experimenting with the Microsoft and also the Widcomm stack, till I damaged my registry. I made a mistake a long the way, but it still seems to it is in a reasonable way to go: exactly how to eliminate bluetooth entries native registry

With the basic functionality broken, i had another look in ~ the BlueSoleil stack, which works well v the keyboard yet has minor difficulties with the mouse. Regrettably it seems no longer to it is in supported.

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Next i took an older version of the Toshiba stack and also tried it v a second bluetooth adapter. Points still did not work properly, yet at the very least it installed in trial mode. Following step was to do the Toshiba stack job-related with mine inbuilt adapter. I added the relevant seller and product id right into tosrfusb.sys and also overrode the driver manually. Worked.

The great thing around the Toshiba stack is that it is an extremely configurable. The did job-related with every HID maker seperately, however not once multiple devices were connected at once. Ns then entered the progressed security configuration and also tried the various combinations that server and client encryption etc. This works for me now.

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As martin mentoined, Toshiba bluetooth stack have the right to be provided with non-Toshiba hardware.Broadcomm drivers making my windows 7 unusable so i tried installing Toshiba driver. Here"s the steps.

How to download Toshiba bluetooth stack for non-toshiba hardware

Warning. This "trial" will occupational for 30 days and also will ask for licence which can not be acquired anymore.But girlfriend can shot 672f43f7901858fdc9d5ab10b2b8aa1872e2f1be

Tested: victory 7 x86, success 7 x64

Go to bluetooth adapter > generic bluetooth device (or everything your adapter name is. IT IS no "Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator"). Right click on it > PropertiesOn a "Details" tab select "Device id" and save the one favor this: USB\VID_AAAA&PID_BBBB. This is your maker idFirst, go acquire toshiba stack motorists here (or here for older versions)Click "Downloads", role down, "Accept"Download appropriate version for your OS in

"PC Bluetooth stack (= "Bluetooth software + drivers". For Toshiba Notebooks )"

Unzip and run exe. Install vehicle drivers normally until such dialog appears:

"Connect bluetooth device and click OK"

Click CancelNow go to driver folder which is

C:\Program records (x86)\Toshiba\Bluetooth Toshiba Stack\Drivers\tosrfusb

for 64-bit windows

C:\Program Files\Toshiba\Bluetooth Toshiba Stack\Drivers\tosrfusb

for 32-bit windows

Back-up and also open file "tosrfusb.inf" in notepad. You need to run notepad together admininstrator rights.Find two sections, and also


; DisplayName ar DeviceId

; ----------- ------- --------

%TosrfUsb.DeviceDesc1%=TosrfUsb_Device, USB\VID_08EA&PID_abba


; DisplayName ar DeviceId

; ----------- ------- --------

%TosrfUsb.DeviceDesc1%=TosrfUsb_Device, USB\VID_08EA&PID_abba

Now, in each section, before the heat "%TosrfUsb.DeviceDesc1%=TosrfUsb_Device, ..." add

MyBluetoothDevice=TosrfUsb_Device, USB\VID_????&PID_????

Replace USB\VID_????&PID_???? through your VID and also PID worths we found beforeGo to maker manager again. Discover your bluetooth device, appropriate click > update drivers...Select "Find chauffeurs on this computer"Select "Select already installed driver native list"Click little "Install from disc" buttonCopy-paste (or select) the driver folder (where tosrfusb.inf is located) or tosrfusb.inf itself. Click "OK"Now girlfriend can choose our "MyBluetoothDevice1" driver! select it, click "install anyway" if prompted with a scary red warning.Finally, go to start food selection > Toshiba > Bluetooth > Bluetooth settings. Drivers should install.Enjoy bluetooth stack with HSP/HFP & A2DP profiles!