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The group likewise partakes in a photo shoot.

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Alicia feeling bad about missing the Rosa’s milestone later on when over there is talk about it throughout dinner.

Alicia takes time out throughout a shopping expedition to smooth points over through Rosa. Foxy come clean about the family members drama and other issues going ~ above in her life. Rosa realizes she to be so captured up in her pregnancy and also everything else, that she didn’t yes, really think around her friends. She wishes to change that, moving forward. The pair reconciles and the three Amigas room back. At least for now.

While they’re at it, Alicia likewise apologizes to Eva for how she acted throughout their argument in the car the last time she experienced her. They hug the out.

Nikki is do the efforts to use the French getaway together a short-lived escape from she injuries and how lock can influence her career. Brie is kind of rain on she parade a bit by waking she up beforehand to occupational out, and also criticizing her eating too countless macaroons and also drinking glasses that wine.

Brie at some point sees wherein Nikki is comes from, having actually just ended her historical reign together Divas champion and also now having to worry about what’s next for her. She feel Nikki deserves a time come relax. Brie decides come indulge some by having actually — gasp! — French fries.

Earlier in the show, Paige made keep in mind of Natalya discussing that TJ’s, er, family members jewels are the only ones she has ever before seen. She sets up a paint session for several of the divas with — ahem — a male model. Paige instructs the dude to leave nothing to the creative thinking at a details point. Natalya’s reaction is priceless.

Mandy isn’t emotion the love once it pertains to Eva. After making a pact to continue to be together throughout the trip, Eva goes turn off to hang out with the Bella Twins, without inviting Mandy, reduce Mandy to tears.

Paige, Rosa and Alicia try to lull her and also lend part advice from their experiences. Considering what occurred, Mandy claims she saw Eva’s true colors and also doesn’t arrangement to forget how she treated her. Team Red and Gold may be no more.

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Watch the season finale of total Divas 9 p.m. ET Tuesday, Feb. 19 top top E!.


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