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Done so numerous things wrongI don't recognize if I can do rightOh I, five I'veDone so plenty of things wrongI don't understand if I can do rightAt this point in my lifeI've done so plenty of things wrongI don't understand if I deserve to do rightIf you put your trust in meI hope i won't let you downIf you give me a opportunity I'll tryYou view it's to be a difficult roadThe road I'm traveling onAnd if ns take her handI could lead you under the course to ruinI've had actually a difficult lifeI'm just saying the so you'll understandThat ideal now, appropriate nowI'm act the finest I canAt this point in my life
At this point in my lifeAlthough I've largely walked in the shadowsI'm still trying to find the lightWon't you placed your faith in meWe both know that's what mattersIf you give me a chance I'll tryYou see I've been climbing stairsBut mostly stumbling downI've been reaching highAlways losing groundYou check out I've dominated hillsBut i still have actually mountains come climbAnd right now, right nowI'm doing the ideal I canAt this point in mine lifeBefore we take a stepBefore us walk under that pathBefore i make any kind of promisesBefore you have regretsBefore we talk commitmentLet me tell girlfriend of my pastAll I've seen and also all I've doneThe points I'd like to forget
At this allude in mine lifeAt this suggest in my lifeI'd prefer to live as if only love matteredAs if redemption remained in sightAs if the find to live honestlyIs all the anyone needsNo issue if you find itYou see when I've touch the skyThe earth's gravity has actually pulled me downBut now I've reconciled that in this worldBirds and angels get the wings to flyIf friend can think in this love of mineIf girlfriend can provide it a tryThen I'll reach inside and also find and also give youAll the sweet that i haveAt this allude in mine lifeAt this allude in my life

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