Trisha Yearwood will assume hosting duties for the annual CMA country Christmas TV distinct in 2019, she first-ever rotate at the gig. Reba McEntire helmed the distinct in 2017 and 2018, and before that, Jennifer Nettles to be the reigning CMA country Christmas host. She go the honors for seven years running, ever due to the fact that the special's very first year.

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The holiday unique isn't entirely brand-new to Yearwood: She's take away the stage as a performer in previous years. However, she says that hosting the occasion is one entirely various ball game, especially since she has to follow McEntire's legend talents because that entertaining.

"Hosting -- the biggest thing is that, like, a quick adjust is Reba's second nature. She can probably execute it in she sleep," Yearwood stated to The Boot and other outlets before filming the special. "I've never done this before! therefore I'm in over there looking at four outfits, trying come think, 'How execute I gain this done?!'"

It may surprise some fans, but even a seasoned pro such together Yearwood it s okay pre-show jitters now and also again. "I desire it to it is in good, girlfriend know? I want it to be funny for everybody. Therefore I'm excited, and also I'm nervous. I'm really nervous. I didn't sleep last night!" she admits.

In fact, Yearwood says, performing in prior of a group is something the she had actually to work to acquire comfortable doing. "I understand it's crazy due to the fact that it's what I execute for a living, is singing in former of people, yet I'm one introvert," she reveals. "Which is probably hard to believe! to sing in former of an audience and also talking in front of an audience is miscellaneous I've had to find out to be comfortable doing."

There's a line in Yearwood's newest single, "Every Girl in This Town," that speaks to her anxieties around getting up onstage: "It says, 'You acquired this, infant / for this reason what if friend don't?' I think us all have actually that thing ... Girlfriend think, 'Everybody's gonna number out that ns don't recognize what I'm doing.' There's that moment, before you perform what friend do, wherein you think, 'Why am i here?'" she reflects.

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"That little voice is always in my head, a little bit," Yearwood adds. "But I also do have actually a sort of can be fried confidence the I do know exactly how to sing. I know that what I'm gonna go out there and also do is something that ns can do."

Plus, the singer says, she's got a pair tricks up her sleeve come fend off stage fright. "The thing that's aided me not be so nervous, especially on a present like this, is I'll choose out someone who's younger 보다 me and an ext nervous 보다 me, and I'll go as much as them and make them no be nervous," Yearwood shares. "That help me. And also they don't realize that it's helping me."

CMA country Christmas will air on alphabet on Dec. 3 in ~ 9PM ET. Chris Janson, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts and also Chris Young are simply a few of the artist slated to perform.