Henry Winkler, Congressman Ted Lieu, and also some random Twitter individuals are currently flexing their Trump-like capacity to drink a glass of water without incident.

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Every now and then, some facet of the trumped era is for this reason ridiculous the you need to stop and also wonder, “How go we get here? how is this possible?”

One such moment arisen over the weekend as soon as the president efficiently sipped part water and also thousands of fans responded as though he’d simply dropped a devastating, climactic diss in a laboratory battle.

The degenerate left declared President Trump had actually health problems after drinking water with 2 hands.

Today that drank with one and tossed the glass to the side! ????

GREATEST. PRESIDENT. EVER. Pic.twitter.com/0EAGff1Bhb

— DeAnna Lorraine ???????? (
DeAnna4Congress) June 21, 2020

This moment from Trump’s disastrous Tulsa rally go far past the boundaries of parody also without any type of context, however here is a quick play-by-play of how it pertained to pass.

During the vault weekend, Trump provided a generally shambolic commencement resolve at West suggest that increased some questions about the president’s health. He appeared to have an obstacle drinking indigenous a glass that water, descending a treacherously handle-free ramp, and additionally just talk at a typical pace.

Compare and also contrast: trump card speaking throughout his June 2015 project launch decided vs. Trump speak at West point today, virtually exactly 5 years later on pic.twitter.com/qDFmkNBVmj

— Aaron Rupar (
atrupar) June 13, 2020

Although us are right now in the center of a historic racial reckoning and COVID-19 cases are spiking in several states, Trump and his surrogates spent a far-ranging amount of the past week defending the ramp walk and also two-hand sip. The recurring defense that his West point speech crescendoed throughout the Tulsa rally, during which he committed an entire eighth of his virtually two-hour decided to the topic, consisting of over 14 minutes on the ramp alone.

So that’s why hundreds of unmasked citizens in an indoor space during a pandemic cheered because that the world’s most an effective man to conquer a glass that water v one hand. Due to the fact that the moment has actually received so lot attention online, through the above video of that alone netting 6.4 million views, it has actually inspired a meme.

People online have started to take the #OneHandWaterChallenge come prove they’re equally capable of the president’s particularly beverage achievements.

Famous folks prefer Henry Winkler and also Congressman Ted Lieu space taking the challenge.

hwinkler4real) June 22, 2020

Today i released my first campaign ad. That was developed by mine kids. Let me understand if you choose it.https://t.co/OeXvghcnGv pic.twitter.com/CuFKMzdrZB

— Ted Lieu (
CallumJCParr) June 22, 2020

#onehandwaterchallenge #TrumpDictatorship #WorstPresidentInHistory pic.twitter.com/ow4aOnVn9G

— Steve Broggie (

Although young world are usually ideal at the facility of famous challenges, no one under the age of 35 seems to be involved in this one for this reason far. But the children have currently contributed plenty come the discourse around Trump’s Tulsa rally.

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Are friend physically able to drink a glass the water v one hand? Tweet the video proof at
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