Tumblr is a famous microblogging website with nearly 30 million users simply in the US.

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It’s a an excellent platform to remain visible to her customers or build a network with other users.

Knowing the variety of followers that a competitor’s account has on Tumblr can aid you change your goals and expand her reach to much more users.

You can uncover popular account in your niche and use lock to prosper your own account.

This short article will fancy on the methods that can assist you see how countless followers a person has on Tumblr.

How To discover Out How plenty of Followers Someone has On Tumblr


1. Use Tumblr API

Tumblr is different from other social media communication in numerous ways.

One of them is the you can’t see various other people’s pendant or recognize how many followers a human being has.

There’s no easy way to uncover out the number of followers on a specific Tumblr blog whether it’s windy or private.

However, this limitation doesn’t typical that seeing a person’s variety of followers is impossible.

Internet individuals have argued a method to check out the monitor count, but it’s a little complex and needs technical know-how.

You have the right to see this information through Tumblr’s API via the “followers” endpoint.

However, this an approach requires the ability to construct a useful and appealing app to get people to usage it.

After arising the app that requires accessibility to the API of your account, you contact the person and ask lock to shot the app.

This way, you can accessibility the number of their followers.

That gift said, the not entirely ethical since you’ll be manipulating the other human to provide you accessibility to their account in exchange for using your app.

Plus, return this method is the only way to check out a person’s follower counting on Tumblr, it’s basically undoable because that average net users.

2. Use The “Ask” Option

As discussed above, yes sir no simple means of understanding how countless followers a person has on Tumblr.

That’s a means of protecting customers from privacy concerns about competing over followers, like various other social media.

However, if you absolutely need to know a person’s follower count, you deserve to simply asking them to tell you, using the “Ask” option.

If they’re willing to provide you that information, they i will not ~ have any kind of problems telling you.

Remember, if you ask anonymously, they’ll prize publicly.

However, if girlfriend ask the concern “Privately”, friend can offer them the option to price privately.

This way, you may raise your possibilities of obtaining a reply.

3. Store Track that Responses On their Posts

There’s another technique that offers you a general idea the how many followers a human has.

However, it’s not straightforward and also requires numerous “stalking” activities.

Although you might get a basic idea of how large someone’s account is, friend can’t check out their actual followers.

For example, you have the right to look at the number of re-blogs or notes for each blog post and see if they have actually a big following or not.

You have the right to see several of the human being a details account interacts with through the complying with steps:

If you monitor the human on her Tumblr account, girlfriend can uncover them in your list and also tap on your profile.

If you don’t follow them, usage the internet version that Tumblr by keying the who Tumblr URI in her browser’s find bar.

Go through the posts generated by the user, and also not the re-blogged ones.

Select the “notes” icon to watch the people who’ve responded to and commented on the post.

You can do the very same for other articles that the user has actually generated and also create a perform of customers who interact with this account.

Alternatively, you might follow them relying on your purpose.

4. Usage The Account’s Archive

If you want to look at every one of a person’s short articles on Tumblr, you have the right to only see their many recent posts.

This feature limits the variety of posts you deserve to see at a time.

Getting to their older short articles requires you come scroll down for every post, which isn’t very efficient and also takes a many time.

To solve this problem, you can use the “Archive” feature, which allows you to view the user’s posts arranged by month.

This way, you can see all their articles on a single page sorted by months or various other filters in thumbnails.

It allows you to uncover a specific post in no time.

You can accessibility another who archive in different ways.

Tumblr’s desktop computer Version


You deserve to use this technique on accounts with an “Archive” button on the desktop version.

Go come the profile the you want to check by browsing their surname or username.

Click ~ above the profile to open it top top the best side of her screen.

Click top top the three-dot icon in the upper-right edge of the screen, above your file photo.

This activity will open an overlay menu that has options, the first of i m sorry is “Archive.

Instantly, one archived variation of the posts appears on the screen, sorted by month.

You have the right to see other filters on top of the screen, specific “Post Type” and also “Tag,” and also click on castle to sort the write-ups based on these filters.

1. Mobile App

To check out the archived variation of a user’s write-ups on Tumblr’s mobile app, launch her Tumblr app and find the who profile from her account.

Alternatively, you might search the who username through the app’s search function on the bottom menu.

Tap top top the file to see their file picture.

Find the “Archive” choice under the profile picture and insanity on the to watch the archived articles on one page.

2. Usage The save Link

If the intended user doesn’t have an “Archive” button in your profile, you can’t use the above methods.

In this case, you can use a simple workaround to access the profile’s archived posts.

It involves an altering the link to the profile page.

However, it only works on the desktop version that Tumblr and not the mobile app.

Here’s how to execute it:

Open your internet browser and form in the who profile URI however don’t hit “enter” yet.

Type “/archive” at the end of the address, without the quotation marks.

Now fight “Enter” to walk to the account’s save on computer page.

3. Add The Archive switch To your Tumblr Account

If your Tumblr account doesn’t have actually an archive button, it’s better to include the switch to assist your followers or other human being (if your account is private) watch your posts an ext easily.

Adding the archive button is an extremely simple.

After entering your Tumblr account, click on the head and shoulder icon and “Settings” ~ above the overlay menu.

You could also click on the particular blog for which you want the archive button.

When the brand-new page opens, you’ll see all the blogs you’ve produced so much on the best side of the screen.

Select the blog to open up its settings.

Hit “edit Theme,” and select “+ add a page.

This action will develop a brand-new page, i beg your pardon you deserve to name “Archive” by adding “/Archive” (again, there is no the quotes) come the end of the link.

Now, discover “Show a connect to this page” and also move the toggle beside it.

The button will turn blue, denote the choice is enabled.

Now, girlfriend can pick a name for the web page and include it come the “Page title” ar or compose anything you desire in the summary box.

How To check out The individuals That A Tumblr Blog Follows


You might want to understand what blog a details person adheres to on Tumblr for various reasons.

For example, you’re brand-new to Tumblr and want to uncover blogs with beneficial content, or you’re simply curious around the various other person’s likes and dislikes.

Unlike the number and list of a person’s pendant on Tumblr, it’s feasible to recognize what blogs they follow.

Not just is it possible, yet it additionally has a simple process.

That being said, the just thing that can allow you to view a person’s adhering to list is if lock have set the privacy choice on their following list to Public.

What’s more, some Tumblr themes don’t enable others to check out the variety of accounts a user follows.

Even if the account is public, girlfriend can’t view how countless blogs they follow.

To check out what blogs a person adheres to on Tumblr, walk to tumblr.com/followed/by/blog’s URI.

The next an approach doesn’t require you to log in to your account.

Go to the person’s blog and view that from her dashboard.

Click top top the tiny person symbol next come the follow button and click top top the “following” option.

Here, you deserve to see every the blogs that a details Tumblr user is following.

Note: relying on the theme, the widget might be top top the blog’s sidebar or in the footer, for this reason if friend don’t find it in one of these locations, examine the various other one.

Can ns Block human being From Seeing that I monitor On Tumblr?


You have the right to limit people from seeing who you monitor on Tumblr.

Depending top top the layout you usage on Tumblr, friend may have the choice to hide the world you monitor from others.

If the theme borders this option, friend don’t need to change the settings.

Otherwise, go to your Tumblr’s dashboard, click on “Customize,” and look because that a section labeled “People i Follow” or “Display Following” or something along these lines.

It should have a toggle alongside it that you can turn ~ above or off to let human being see your complying with list or block them.

Then, click on “Save” to use the changes and “Exit” to go earlier to her dashboard.

Another thing you should consider is the every Tumblr template is unique, through different options that others might have.

If you readjust your theme, you should check its settings to make certain you still have the option and also that the turned off to hide the list from other people.

If your design template doesn’t have the alternative to hide your adhering to list, you can remove this perform manually.

To execute so, get to the theme’s HTML code by clicking “Edit HTML.

Click top top the equipment icon and hit “Find and also Replace.”

Type block:following in the text ar to gain to the heat that contains this code.

Select every the lines beginning from this line and ending v /block:following and delete them.

Select “Update Preview” and also then save your changes.

Click top top the arrow and also then “Exit” to go back to your dashboard.

Remember, if you readjust your theme, you need to repeat this procedure because new themes regain old codes and settings.

Note: If you can’t uncover the block:following line, it might be set to block:followed, so friend can shot that instead.

How To uncover Out your Followers’ count On Tumblr?


You have the right to see the number of people that follow girlfriend on Tumblr through a pair of straightforward methods.

1. Usage Your Tumblr’s file Link

The easiest and also fastest an approach is to use your browser’s deal with bar.

Open your internet browser of an option on your smartphone or computer and kind this attach in the resolve bar:

Tumblr.com/blog/blog’s name/followers.

Type the name of her Tumblr blog rather of the “Blog Name.

If friend haven’t already logged in to her Tumblr account, you’ll acquire a prompt informing you to log in in first.

Enter your account credentials to log in in.

This way, you conveniently go come a web page that shows just how many human being follow you together with their usernames and also profile pictures below this number.

2. Use Tumblr’s Settings

You can use one of two people the mobile application or your pc if you desire to recognize how plenty of followers you have via Tumblr’s settings.

For the cell phone app, open the app and also tap top top “Account” or the tiny person icon.

Tap the cog icon to open up your account settings.

Find “Followers,” tap on it and also check all the civilization who monitor you on Tumblr.

For PC, enter your Tumblr account and go to your dashboard.

Click top top the small person icon to open a dropdown menu.

Find the “followers” option and click on it to walk to her account’s “Followers” page and also see her followers.

How To check out Who Unfollowed friend On Tumblr


You can’t discover out when a human unfollows girlfriend on Tumblr.

That’s due to the fact that Tumblr doesn’t notify you once someone unfollows you.

Instead, you can use some third-party apps to keep track of your Tumblr followers.

One of this apps is monitor Stalker, which gives you countless options, including who complies with you, that unfollows you, the account you follow but they don’t follow girlfriend back, and those that follow you however you don’t follow them back.

Why Is The Follow switch Disabled ~ above Tumblr?


The follow button is a great feature that helps other people follow you easily and find friend whenever they want.

This switch is found on her profile by default, but it’s no there once you develop a new blog page.

You can include this switch to your new blog in an easy ways.

One of castle is to obtain the HTML code of the follow switch on Tumblr’s official website.

You can discover some various other buttons and also their HTML password on this page.

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Select the button you want, copy the password from the equivalent box, and also paste it right into your page’s HTML coding.