Chances are, if you're pan of So friend Think You can Dance, The Ellen Show, or Dancing v the Stars, climate you recognize who Stephen "tWitch" Boss and Allison Holker are. The pair very first met because of SYTYCD — tWitch to be a finalist in Season 4 in 2008, if Allison made it come the optimal 8 in the second season — and also they wed in 2013. In the years since, they've welcomed boy Maddox and also daughter Zaia together (tWitch adopted Allison's daughter Weslie too), and also the pair has continued to show their dance moves turn off on social media. 

It's only herbal that the dynamic dance duo would join TikTok considering just how its most viral videos often incorporate dance challenges. And also since these dancers space pros themselves, it's no surprise that tWitch and Allison have choreographed their own soon-to-be-viral tiktok challenge.

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Allison and tWitch are battling this cold and also flu season by act what they carry out best: dancing. The pair has partnered v Mucinex because that the #BeatTheZombieFunk tik challenge. Everyone (even human being who have actually zero dance experience) can enter, and also winners have the right to receive prizes, including $1,000. spoke through the dance duo around the fun challenge, why they love to share their enthusiasm for run (and for one another!) on social media, and how their resides have adjusted since welcome their 3rd child together. Check out on to find out how to go into the challenge, and also to check out Allison and also tWitch behind the scene of filming the (which contains a cameo indigenous Mr. Mucus himself). 

As a professional dance couple, Allison and tWitch often showcase your moves on social media. From their epos dance videos on Instagram to your individual tik pages (which are regularly filmed at home), that seems choose there's rarely a moment when the couple isn't dancing.

The pair told that people affix with your content, no just due to the fact that they room both trained dancers, but since they think the audience have the right to tell that it's authentic.  


"We re-publishing a passion and a connectivity because of dancing. With this world of social media and also with all of this content, that world naturally gravitate toward points that are organic," tWitch said. "Dancing is one of the most organic and authentic things for both of us, individually and collectively, it’s what lugged us together. It’s tho what we do on a everyday basis."

Allison described that, due to the fact that they both re-superstructure a mentality the dancing need to be fun, making their videos doesn't feel favor a chore.

"We don’t feel favor we have to do it because that the public, us genuinely like to perform it and we have a the majority of fun act it. It’s a great way for united state to still attach as a couple," she said. "We also like to an episode and dance almost everywhere that us can and also we really reap it."

Of course, having their adorable youngsters involved additionally helps keep things fun (and they keep their parents on their toes). They said that several of their most popular videos to day on TikTok and Instagram have contained unplanned moments.

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"There’s been a couple of videos the went viral where we had actually our then-2-month-old in my arms and we’re both act the routine. It’s those small elements the stick out," tWitch said.