By naming Magic Mike’s sequel Magic Mike XXL, filmmakers collection some lofty expectations for what the film would bring. Not wanting to disappointed audiences, the producer made a couple of changes in bespeak to do XXL, well, bigger than the original. Among these transforms was the enhancement to the cast of Stephen Boss, also known together tWitch, ideal known for showing up on So friend Think You can Dance Season 4. But who walk tWitch play in Magic Mike XXL ? The dancer announced in October 2014 that he had actually joined the XXL actors after being invite by Channing Tatum, who was impressed with his body of occupational (no pun intended), yet as for who he to be going to play, small info was well-known at the time.

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Now, however, much an ext has to be revealed, and it"s pretty exciting stuff. In the brand-new movie, tWitch theatre Malik, a dancer in ~ Jada Pinkett Smith’s club, Domina, and while stripping may be new territory because that the star, gift on camera certainly isn’t. The 32-year-old has actually a wealth of power experience, beginning with his appearance on the present Star find in 2003. TWitch then was a contestant on The walking Robson Project, place third. In enhancement to his tv appearances, he also worked as a choreographer because that artists such as Se7en and also appeared as a dancer in movies like Hairspray and also Blades of Glory. He increased to fame, however, v his outstanding run top top the 4th season that So girlfriend Think You have the right to Dance, and also since then has both acted and danced in many film and television features, such together the step Up franchise and Bones. Examine him out on Star Search, below:

Yet when tWitch may be the only experienced dancer in the cast of XXL, the other cast members are absolutely no couch potatoes. Joe Manganiello to be a star athlete in his youth, play basketball, volleyball and football. In fact, the wasn’t till a football injury in high institution that Manganiello, who plays Richie in the film, shifted his focus from athletics to acting. Adam Rodriguez, Tito in XXL, has actually a similar story; he had aspired to be a professional baseball player till he, too, experienced an injury and also discovered a enthusiasm for exhilaration instead.

Then there"s Kevin Nash (Tarzan), who, if you weren’t aware, IS a experienced athlete. He made his pro-wrestling debut in 1990 and also then started collecting championship titles v the same aggressiveness through which I built up Beanie Babies throughout those years. In 2015, he to be inducted right into the WWE room of Fame.

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Lest us forget, star Channing Tatum is additionally incredibly athletic. He excelled at multiple sporting activities in his youth and also was voted “Most Athletic” in high school. Tatum also received a scholarship to play football in college, yet dropped out and also later began working together a stripper — which, of course, was the inspiration for Magic Mike. Ns think I deserve to speak for everyone when I say that I’m thankful for the movies the came around as a result, and also I applaud Tatum’s decision to carry on a skilled dancer for the sequel. Ns can’t wait to see how Magic Mike XXL revives the initial crew and also kicks it up a notch v the enhancement of tWitch in the gang.