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Tyler Posey is all for Bennifer 2.0. Through the 20th anniversary of Maid in Manhattanfast approaching, ET spoke v Posey around the 2002 film and also getting a front row seat at the couple"s an initial iteration once he met Ben Affleck if he and Jennifer Lopez to be doing press for the film.

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"So once a movie come out, there"s a thing called a press junket where you go execute interviews, sit under in a room in a hotel room, and you just go indigenous room to room to room and also do a bunch the interviews. And also he was through her at that time. And also he was the sweetest dude ever. Ns loved that so much," Posey recalled of conference Affleck ago in the day. "I to be like, "I don"t recognize what to suppose in this guy. He"s a large star. Why would he have actually time for me?"And he was so nice to me, man."

So as soon as Posey heard the pair to be rekindling your romance, he to be so below for it.

"They"re both great people. I respect the hell out of them and also they"re an excellent actors," the said."And they"re a strength couple. Every for it."

As much as his favorite memory of working v Lopez ~ above the film, Posey --who was 10 year old at the moment -- stated itwas just how much she taught him about being a expert actor.

"So i had operated on previous movies when ns was younger and also with some pretty large people, but at the age, 10 year old, girlfriend really have actually a complete understanding of that you"re functioning with. I knew who J-Lo was. Ns knew how large of a star she was and I additionally knew at that time I"d been exhilaration long enough to understand when human being were walk to be diva and stuff," Posey explained. "And therefore she wasn"t in ~ all, dude. She teach me so much about how to it is in a expert as an actor, yet I didn"t establish she teach me until I to be older."

Posey continued, "I to be like, "Where go I acquire these morals from?"And ns thought earlier and ns was like, "J.Lo was always on time, always there." The most respectful person and professional human I"d ever before worked with at the time. For this reason she"s awesome, dude. I love her so much. And also I respect she so much. I love her. I miss her."

Posey"s interpreted that J.Lo-taught job-related ethic right into his recent project,Drugs, his very first solo EP. The gibbs turned rockstar is heading outwith Mod sunlight for theInternet eliminated The Rockstartour, which kicked off previously this month.

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"I began a task with john Feldman and big Noise, which is what we"re act here. This is the big Noise tour family. And as shortly as I began that project, I started releasing stuff and then COVID happened. So i didn"t really have a opportunity to tourism it. So a many of kids have been waiting for a pair of year to listen these songs live. For this reason dude, very excited. Therefore stoked," Posey stated of hitting the roadway with his new music.

And it"s among his many transparent pieces of work-related yet.

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"Every time I create stuff, ns always shot to be really transparent and also honest. Once I was creating this album, i was going with sobriety and overcoming addiction. And also soit"s at sight honest," Posey come ET. "I"ve viewed a pair of evaluate on Twitter from pan saying, "Hey, the song is really helping me. I went v a similar situation,"and i wasn"t really looking for that, however it"s awesome the I can be relatable to human being who are going with the exact same thing. Ns was simply writing what ns knew, and at the moment, ns knew gaining sober."

These days, Posey feels prefer he"s in a an excellent place. Through his girlfriend through his side, making music through him, the 29-year-old star claimed he"s "very happy."

"I"ve got a great girlfriend who"s coming right here tonight and also playing a song with me. She was component of my single. I"m walking on the roadway with several of my finest friends. I"m going on tour and also playing music next by next with several of my finest . Precise this is just the coolest. I"m very happy." he gushed."There"s naught to be sad around right now. And also even if over there is, i know how to resolve it in a much more healthy way."

Catch Posey ~ above the Internet eliminated The Rockstartour, top top the road through Oct 3.


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