Brands choose Supreme have benefited tremendously from strange Future and also Tyler’s solid fanbase.

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Evolving to reach the following generation

As communities grow, they begin to divide. In music, the separation happens when day-ones separate from newer fans. For Tyler, the early signs come long prior to the success that his albums IGOR or Flower Boy.

In 2015, a since-deleted viral Reddit post titled “I’m done through Tyler,” complained that Tyler’s Cherry Bomb album relocated away indigenous the darker vibes indigenous his previously work. Tyler came earlier with a 900+ indigenous response. The sympathized v fan’s connection with 2011 Tyler, but stood behind his evolution:

“when you have a favourite artist, you tend to master onto an era, trust me i perform that with artist that i love but i additionally know castle grow and see brand-new things and change and tires and every one of that. Ns sorry that im no in the same place to talk about those things…”

Most artists would neglect haters or sic their fans top top them. Tyler’s nuanced response helped leg the divide. Sure, he’s shed some fans because the weird Future mixtape days, however he’s still himself.

Now, he’s officially mainstream. He may hate the designation, however if he’s win an compensation from The wall surface Street Journal, he’s mainstream! This recent wave that success might seem favor the antithesis of weird Future, but it fulfills one of Tyler’s can be fried goals.

Here’s what he said in a 2018 interview with GQ:

It’s quiet a piece of me the not just wants to it is in on the radio, but it’s more than likely some 11-year-old in the center of fucking nowhere who might hear a song, watch me up, get introduced to a whole world—and that could change everything he’s right into for the rest of his life.

When Tyler to be an 11-year-old in the center of LA County, the looked approximately Pharrell Williams and also Andre 3000. Those guys changed him because that the rest of his life. Tyler to know he’s in a place to perform the very same for others. Radio pat is a auto to reach those 11-year-olds. So is performing in ~ Madison Square Garden, performing in ~ the Grammys, and everything in between. By extending his reach, he proceeds to thrive the fanbase.

Unlike his peers, Tyler’s fans don’t have actually some cutesy name. They’re not the Ragers or the Barbz. Those are all clever tokens, yet that stuff doesn’t make a fanbase.

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The fanbase is make by the emotion it creates through the audience. Tylers fans have had that emotion for years, and also that’s not transforming anytime soon.