Every job I acquire to assist women feel more beautiful. To say that ns love what i do and that it is immensely rewarding, doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface. But in my line of work, I view first-hand how critical women room of themselves. When I questioning a new client to re-publishing what she loves around her appearance and what she is less enthusiastic about, 90% of the time I hear a long list of things she’d love to adjust and not even a nod come those attributes that are unique and also beautiful and also special.

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Here’s my feeling. Us all have an excellent physical attributes…And the time to take inventory, was standing tall, and take on them.

If you’re not sure what her are, questioning a good friend or a family members member. (Remember come respond in sort so she is mindful of she fabulous characteristics as well.) Then acquire ready to strut your stuff! Clothes and also accessories room marvelous devices for highlighting your ideal features. Here is your overview to embracing and accentuating what is wonderful about you.

Make the all around your mane. If you have locks that you want to display off, over there are plenty of ways to execute this. Wear your hair down, in every one of its glory. Sports a headband embellished with pearls, jewels, or flowers. Usage bedazzled bobby pins and place castle strategically come decorate your do. Take a expedition to your salon and also get her hair styled. A professional blowout makes your fab hair look even better and have the right to up come a week, for this reason it’s worth the splurge.

Focus on your face. Forget a barely-there frame. Bring the fist to your challenge by updating your eyewear through a statement-making frame. To create a brand-new look in sunglasses, shot a naked colored framework or go for jewel-tone colors. Perform you tend to go with the ceiling minimum and wear lip-gloss only? Instead, go for a lipstick shade in a more powerful color: red, coral (spring’s warm hue), or your finest pink. Pop her collar to frame your challenge and include a bit of intuitive ‘tude.

Notice her neck. Showcase her neck area through long, complete chandelier earrings or a massive statement necklace. Declare collars (ruffles, cowl, halter and also so on) will guide one’s eye to her neck. When scarves covering the neck, tying multiple, loosely tied loops can include drama come this area. Of food you have the right to keep it straightforward and go with a V-neck, i m sorry draws the eye up.

Show me some shoulder. A nice right shoulder line, along with an excellent posture, can be stunning. Obtain this look v a boat-neck t-shirt or an off-the-shoulder blouse. Shot a color-blocked dress v a contrast color moving across the shoulders because that a dramatic look. If you want to build up her shoulder line, think about cap-sleeves or epaulets at the shoulder. Conversely look for a jacket with a an ext substantial shoulder pad (i.e., a modified version of the 80’s shoulder).

Boast around your bustline. We all recognize that a lower cut neckline will attract attention come the bustline, but so will certainly opening one extra switch or 2 on a button-front blouse. (Bonus: this is a trick that deserve to instantly take it you native day-to-night, and earlier again.) what’s more, sporting a bustier under a slim blouse will certainly accentuate the positive, as will certainly our friend, the push-up bra. Attract neutral fancy bottoms through a interlocutor blouse will likewise let her top fifty percent get all the attention.

Hold increase those hands. Even though hand aren’t always the go-to attention-getters, they can produce intrigue and elegance if pull on up. Pick bold colors for a fun look or soft nudes because that a standard look when picking the end a nail polish color. Dress your hand through a chunky cocktail ring or wear much more subtle rings but in multiples. Structure the hand v stacked bangles or a charm bracelet.

Worship your waist. Start with a wide-leg, high-waist trouser. Tuck in a blouse and also then include a slim leather belt in a contrasting shade to showcase the waist. Because that a dress option, shot one through a high waist or broad waist band. A wrap-style or ruched blouse or an empire-waist dress will aid to placed the focus right wherein you want it. Cropped jackets are additionally a friend and also will relocate the eye to the waistline.

Hip, hip, hooray. Let your curves obtain noticed. In fact, emphasize them v peplum detailing in dresses or jackets. A jersey or knit dress that complies with the present of her body will also do the trick. Alternatively, tuck in her blouse and/or opt because that a jacket that ends well above your hipline. Because that a refined look, choose a well-fitted pencil dress with just a hint of stretch. A low slung-belt on a longer tunic will also aid to to mark the hips.

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Showcase those stems. If she proud of your legs, present them off v skirts and also dresses. The length of her hem is as much as you (and those appropriate), but a general preeminence of thumb is to finish your hem in ~ a ar on the leg whereby you narrow, quite than widen. Because that extra emphasis, pair your dresses or skirts through fun patterned hosiery. Go v a long-sleeved dress to ensure that all eyes will certainly be on her legs. If you prefer pants, opt for a slim jean v a heel to include even an ext length come those gorgeous gams.

I delight in showing others how to celebrate and also highlight their most amazing qualities. If you’d like aid distinguishing and also dressing your finest features, please call me. I can’t wait to help you uncover your most beautiful self!