The adhering to information is intended together a resource for KNOX™ end users who desire to know more about the miscellaneous pop-up messages that may display screen on their device in situation of security-related notifications.

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To ensure the your maker always has the latest security to protect you and your data, will occasionally send defense updates to the device as needed. You re welcome follow the on-screen indict to update your device. recommends allowing Automatic updates. Girlfriend will should turn on this feature by complying with the instructions below.

NOTE:The machine will display screen a Security plan updates notice after activation, if the automatically updates have not been enabled.

1From the Home display go to settings > Lock screen and security > other security setups > Security policy updates.


1From the house screen, go to setups > Lock screen and also security > various other security settings > Security plan updates > update now

2When you choose the examine for updates, security plan update will activate if your machine is linked to Wi-Fi network. Or, maker is associated to 3G, 4G data network no Wi-Fi, might ask you for permission to connect via cell phone network. Pick OK to allow manual update via mobile Network.
3If your defense policy has been efficiently updated come the recent version, you may see the Security plan update notification below.

Or, if the latest security plan has currently been applied, you may see the Security policy update notification that latest security policy has already been applied, No further activity is needed.

If to update fail, you might be one among the situations below.

• A network connection error. If this is the case, try again later on when you have actually a good data connection

• minimal device memory. If this is the case, delete unnecessary videos, photos, or files.

• A policy document error. If this is the case, try again later.

SE because that Android sends protection reports to aid to identify threats to your protection by enabling your phone to collect and send data in encrypted form. 


To activate \"Send protection reports\", indigenous the residence screen, pick Menu > setups > Lock screen and security > other security setups > revolve on the right switch of \"Send protection reports\" .

When you rotate on the button, the pop up title Privacy plan for Send security reports will display.

If you agree to all of the terms and conditions and also select Accept, SE for Android send protection reports to via Wi-Fi.

If your device is connected to Wi-Fi network and security reports is much more than 16KB, girlfriend may uncover the Send protection reports an alert . 


Additionally, security > defense update organization > Send security reports food selection will be automatically checked.


After then, your device will instantly send security reports for threat analysis. 

TIMA avoidance of not authorised Module Loading Notification. 


If an not authorised module attempts to load, you might see the notification: 

“Your phone’s security has actually blocked an action that is not permitted. No further activity is required.” 


• This an alert may appear if you have installed a malicious application or a virus, which has attempted to install a Linux kernel module or modification the file system. 

• Another possible cause for once this an alert appears is girlfriend may have actually modified the file system of the device. The Linux kernel module has been blocked and also there is no issue for a danger to the truth of the kernel of your device. You still may want to examine for malware or viruses on her device

TIMA Detection that Disabling SE because that Android Enforcement 

• The an alert below will show up if you mounted a malicious application or virus, i beg your pardon modified the Linux kernel data structures.

• Another possible cause is friend may have modified the kernel of her device.

Restarting your an equipment restores the SE because that Android settings back to normal. However, that does not deal with the reason on why SE for Android to be turned off. The is recommended that you inspect for malicious programs, viruses, and malware. 

TIMA Detection of not authorised Kernel Modification 


If the security mechanism in the machine has detected that the Linux kernel code has actually been modified ~ the machine was rotate on, you may see notifications \"The device has recognize an applications attempting to perform actions that space not permitted. The is recommended the you restart her device.\" 


This notification will show up for the complying with reasons:

• You mounted a malicious applications or virus, which modified the kernel password or the file system. 

• girlfriend modified the record system that your maker and removed or modified a mechanism file. 


Restarting your an equipment restores the kernel code ago to normal. However, keep in mind that changes made come the paper system (for example, factory settings file) can not be restored. Girlfriend may proceed to watch this error after ~ the reboot.

Restarting your maker does not administer a remedy because that the actual factor the kernel or the file system was modified. That is recommended the you examine for malicious programs, viruses, and malware.

See more: Galaxy Tab S2 Vs Ipad - Which Is Better, The Galaxy Tab S2 Or Ipad Air 2 KNOX offers the benefit of companies data security while keeping an individual information private: 


• The KNOX container it is provided a unique interface. 

• Your an individual apps, photos, emails, and texts are preserved separate indigenous the KNOX container. They room secure and private from companies IT administrators.

• that administrators can access important corporate files and email within the KNOX container on your device. 

• KNOX Apps allows you come easily and securely download company apps come the KNOX container.