According come Loop. Net, the Regal UA Staten Island site, a multiplex through 14 screening rooms in ~ 2474 forest Ave. In Mariners Harbor, is up for lease. (Staten Island Advance/Shane DiMaio) Shane DiMaioShane DiMaio

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- through news the movie theaters can reopen on Friday across new York state between the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Staten Island’s just North Shore-based movie house is up for lease.

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According come Loop. Net, the Regal UA Staten Island site, a multiplex with 14 screening rooms at 2474 woodland Ave. In Mariners Harbor, is up because that lease.

And while Regal no respond come multiple Advance/SILIive.com requests because that comment, Regal Cinemas, which has actually two Island-based theaters -- in Charleston and Mariners harbor -- has actually yet come announce reopening plans.

Cineworld, which own Regal theaters and is touted as the world’s second-biggest movie chain, temporary shuttered every one of its U.S. And also U.K. Theaters in October 2020. Regal furloughed 40,000 U.S. Employee in feather 2020, before reopening some theaters in August, according to Knox News. However after the James link movie “No Time to Die” was postponed to April 2021, Regal temporarily shuttered all theaters -- even in states where movie houses were permitted to it is in open.

Multiple calls to Regal Cinemas around the chain’s reopening plans by the Advance/princetoneclub.org went unanswered. As soon as contacting the Island-based theater by phone, a recording plays that claims Regal theaters room still in the interim closed.

“Regal has temporarily suspended all operations at every theaters until more notice. This is in response to an extremely daunting theatrical see ...,” states the recording.

This leaves only two Island-based theaters opened this Friday as soon as state mandates allow movie residences in new York City come reopen in ~ 25% capacity v no more than 50 people per screening.

The Atrium theater in Eltingville and also Dine-In AMC theatre at the Staten Island shopping mall in new Springville both are set to reopen on Friday.

Alamo Drafthouse -- the well-known dine-in theater chain -- top top Wednesday announced the agency has filed because that Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

With this news, the fate of the Alamo Drafthouse theater that was claimed to open later this year in The Boulevard in brand-new Dorp is now unclear.

After filing because that Chapter 11 bankruptcy defense in Delaware Bankruptcy Court, Alamo announced it is entering right into a restructuring agreement whereby it will market assets come affiliates that Altamont Capital, Fortress investment Group, founder Tim League and also other initial investors.

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