Universal company Systems Merges With circulation One

July 7, 2021

Universal service Systems Inc. (UBS) has actually agreed to a merger with software program developer circulation One.

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Per the terms of the agreement, the two companies will operate together under the distribution One brand name. Gaue won details of the mergers were no announced.

“Distribution One is a family company and has the same value framework that we have maintained for 40 years,” said Chris Raffo, UBS president. “UBS is a family service as are plenty of of ours customers, for this reason we worked to ensure the our partner moving forward would align v our principles. Circulation One holds the exact same dedication come customers and service. It’s apparent in how they worth their employees and the true feeling of community they’ve developed with your customers.”

About UBSFor an ext than 40 years, Universal business Systems Inc. Has developed and also marketed enterprise source planning software solutions for distributors throughout a wide selection of industries. For much more information, visit www.ubsys.com.

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