I was trying to downfill the scanned PDF files attached to my previous emails in my Gmail account. Each scanned PDF file is about 10MB, and also tright here are rather a few of them. After downloading some, my Gmail account ended up being locked down.

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Unusual Usage - Account Temporarily Locked Down

To store our units healthy and balanced, Google has temporarily disabled your account. This mostly occurs as soon as we detect untypically high levels of task on your account. In many situations, it must take one hour to regain accessibility. In rare situations, it deserve to take as much as 24 hrs for accessibility to be reinproclaimed.

It has actually been locked dvery own for 2 hrs, and i can not afford waiting for 24 hrs for accessibility to be reindeclared.

How shall I execute then? Does Gmail have a customer organization phone number which I deserve to call for immediate assistance?

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Short answerWait a little bit (an hour) and also attempt again. Repeat as vital.

Long answer


The Gmail customer accounts support options could vary from time to time and as a result of other determinants favor area and language and day time.

First, take a look to the Gmail Aid Center for a "Contact us" attach. If it"s not tright here search for a assist write-up related to your problem. If you are lucky, a pop-up will certainly be shown giving you to chat via a support agent.

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The next thing to attempt is to article a question in the Gmail aid forum. Bear in mind that gaining assist to be in touch through a Gmail support agent can take a while and also that there is no guarantee that it will certainly happen.

As much as I recognize, even been able to contact a Gmail support agent, the user of a locked-dvery own account should wait until the accessibility being immediately reinstated.

How to prevent this from emerging again

Instead of downloading a huge variety of attachments manually in a brief time, usage one or numerous of the following alternatives:

Add the attachments to Google Drive then usage Google Drive for Mac/PC (see <2>)Use a desktop computer email client to accessibility the account by IMAP and also download all the messeras to the regional drive (see <3>)Use Google Takeout (see <4>)

References1. Contact us - Google2. Attachments: View, downfill, and conserve - Gmail Help3. Get began through IMAP and also POP3 - Gmail Help4. Dowpack your data - Accounts Aid