fund category S&P 500 % rank in category Quintile location
17.23 30.65 31.62 26.39 20.53
19.84 29.94 25.83 22.87 17.97
22.52 34.40 20.12 18.47 16.21
86 46 3 8 4
5 3 1 1 1
3, 5, and 10 Year Returns space Annualized

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Investment Policy

The money seeks long-term resources appreciation by investing in same securities of enterprise based in the united States. The money invests mainly in large-capitalization stocks of jug U.S. Service providers with above-average earnings growth and reasonable stock prices.

Company change % network Assets Inc. -2.45% 6.79
Microsoft Corp. -0.49% 5.10
apologize Inc. -0.22% 5.09
Shopify Inc. Cl A -5.14% 4.06
Alphabet Inc. Cl C -3.27% 3.28
Tesla Inc. 1.55% 3.09
facebook Inc. Cl A -5.80% 3.01
NVIDIA Corp. 0.52% 2.43
Netflix Inc. 1.11% 1.83
PayPal Holdings Inc. -1.13% 1.77

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day INCOMEDISTRIBUTION capital GainsDistribution
2020 $0.22 $6.58
2019 $0.40 $4.12
2018 $0.46 $8.05
2017 $0.38 $4.38
2016 $0.43 $0.83
2015 $0.50 $6.52
2014 $0.62 $5.91
2013 $0.39 -
2012 $0.38 -
2011 $0.27 -

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