Few recent stories have actually gripped the public creative thinking as lot as Bruce Jenner’s trip from Olympic symbol to transgender woman. And no one has had the unfettered accessibility that Jenner and her family members gave Buzz Bissinger, who chronicles the fears and also doubts, love and also courage, and tensions and also traumas affiliated in the transition.

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On in march 15, the job of the Los Angeles Marathon and myriad street closures, Bruce zener left his bunker-style home over Decker Canyon in Malibu in ~ 4:15 in the morning to avoid any possibility of gift late. Detection seemed unlikely this beforehand in the day; also the paparazzi go back to their wormholes for a couple of hours’ sleep prior to the body count starts again.

But anything might happen, together it had in January the 2014 in the room of roughly five feet from the back door the a clinical office come the car, with Jenner’s neck in a bandage indigenous a tracheal shave, his snapshot snapped and disseminated right into the internet infinity of insatiable gossip at warp speed. For this reason the much more nondescript the vehicle the better, which is why the black color 2014 BMW sedan, in the conspicuous intake of Los Angeles, was inconspicuous.

Jenner had already been taking hormones. The hair on his body and also his face hair had been removed. He had actually had his nose addressed twice and also the tracheal shave. ~ above this Sunday his location was the office of a surgeon specializing in what is recognized as facial-feminization surgery. Pioneered in the 80s and also 90s by mountain Francisco plastic surgeon Douglas Ousterhout, it have the right to involve such actions as hairline correction, forehead contouring, and jaw and chin contouring. There would also be a procedure to augment his breasts.


The car made its method to the surgical center in Beverly Hills without incident. Zener was nervous. The knew there would be pain, and also he hated taking any kind of drug to minimize it because of the way it made that feel. However there was much more than simply physical dread. Number of days earlier I had actually walked through him together he played golf in ~ the exclude, Sherwood country Club, in thousands Oaks. He has actually been a member there for 15 years, ever since Kris Jenner, emotion generous towards her husband, paid the approximately $225,000 initiation fee. He play by himself because he nearly always played by himself, a loner who said he no lonely, although the was difficult to view the difference. The didn’t take his game an extremely seriously: he could have to be a scratch golfer if he had. He frequently played two balls at a time, voicing the usual golfer epithets of “Sit!” and “Get down!” He liked the tranquility of it, the Santa Monica hills safeguarding the holes like a cupped hand. That was possibly the just open an are he might go to without getting besieged by the paparazzi, not just with their cameras hanging from their necks prefer evil eye but likewise with their questions: “Are friend a mrs yet?” “Do girlfriend still have a penis?”

“You wonder if you are making every the best decisions,” he said as he played in the anonymous uniform of blue sweater and also gray slacks and also hat and also sneakers, parring the 517-yard par-five second hole because he, as usual, drove the at least 280 yards turn off the tee, gift the type of athlete who deserve to pick up anything instantly. “I wish ns were type of normal. It would certainly be so much much more simple.

“The uncomfortableness of being me never leaves every day long,” the continued. “I’m not doing this to it is in interesting. I’m doing this come live.” offered his sense of humor, the couldn’t stand up to adding, “I’m no doing this therefore I deserve to hit it off the women’s tee.”

After every the confusion and shame and self-conflict and also dishonesty for virtually every one of his 65 years, was this the ideal decision? could he go on living together he had?

He was not having actually genital surgery. There are an approximated 700,000 transgender women and also men in the unified States; only about a quarter of transgender females have had genital surgery. Over there is a usual misperception the such surgical procedure is somehow “required” to be a transgender woman or man, akin to a certificate from the Transgender license Board. The transgender ar for years has actually been make the efforts to gain the public to understand that genitalia room not a determinant of gender: you can be born a woman through male genitalia, simply as you have the right to be born a male with mrs genitalia. In any case, under the people Professional Association because that Transgender Health’s “Standards of Care,” formed by a agreement of leading psychologists and medical specialists, genital surgical procedure is no advised because that at least a year after ~ transition.

Jenner had actually gone through assorted stages of shift once before, in the mid- and late 1980s. He took hormones that brought about breast growth and had his beard removed through an exceptionally painful two-year regimen that electrolysis that he sustained without any medication due to the fact that “pain is sort of, for me, part of the pain for being me … this is what you obtain for being that you are. Simply take the pain.”

The physical transforms had been so noticeable that rumors started, consisting of a contact from The brand-new York Times about what to be going on with Bruce Jenner, in details Bruce jenner the winner of the yellow medal in the decathlon in the 1976 Olympics, a symbol of masculinity together interwoven into American society as the Marlboro Man.

Jenner had actually once speak in jest about going to Denmark and also coming ago to his 4 young kids as Aunt Heather. It was obviously a bizarre thought, indicative of his damaging confusion. It additionally could be seen as a precursor to the broken relationship the would take place when he essentially lost contact with the four youngsters from his an initial two marriages, at some point in favor of yet another brand-new family, with values that had once seemed so extraterrestrial to his, the Kardashians.

He was living in a one-bedroom residence in the Malibu hills in practically total seclusion after ~ he started to shift in the 80s. Dishes piled up. His career remained in limbo after an income of half a million dollars the first year after the Olympics. Whatever had seemed perfect then, or as close to perfect as it can be once you room pretending your method through life, conforming come the vision the millions since that’s what castle expect, and that’s precisely what you offer them because you are an excellent at it, scary good. Abc executive Irwin Weiner had available him a broadcasting job the really same night together his Olympic victory, in Montreal. The tried the end for the lead duty in the film Superman, which to be too lot of a large without exhilaration experience, although zener was actually among the an excellent actors of our time. The adorned the former of the Wheaties box. He drank orange juice for Tropicana and took photos for Minolta. He provided speeches about the 48 hours of his Olympic win anywhere the country to enthralled audiences. He was red, white, and blue. He was Mom and apple pie v a daub of vanilla ice cream for extra deliciousness in a nation desperate for such an image. He had actually a tireless work ethic. He had beaten the Commie bastards. He to be America.

“Jenner is twirling the country like a baton; he and also his wife, Chrystie, are so high increase on the cut down of American heroism, it would take a crane to get them down,” wrote Tony Kornheiser in The brand-new York Times in 1977.

He additionally secretly wore panty hose and also a bra under his fit so he can at the very least feel some sensation of his true gender identity.

He quit transitioning in the so late 80s. He to be scared of what the reaction would certainly be. He made decision he might not carry out this to his four children, Burt, Cassandra, Brandon, and also Brody. He essential to jump-start his career. He required credibility to squelch the rumors, and also he called me marrying Kris Kardashian, in 1991, helped give him that in addition to compatibility and also love.


“That to be a an excellent day,” she states of win gold, in 1976. “But the last couple of days”—being photographed as Caitlyn by Leibovitz—“were better.”

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz; Styled through Jessica Diehl.

In March, he had been life on his own for about a year and also a fifty percent since his and also Kris’s separation, i beg your pardon would eventually lead to their divorce after ~ 23 years of marriage. It offered him the opportunity to live more freely as a woman. It wasn’t enough. He concerned the most about how the two daughters who he and Kris share, Kendall and Kylie, would react come his transition. But Kendall was a 19-year- old supermodel, and also Kylie, in ~ 17, currently had endorsement transaction for various beauty products, in enhancement to what they make from Keeping Up v the Kardashians, ~ above the E! network. Lock were every independent sufficient to have actually bought homes, kendal a condo for $1.4 million in the area of Westwood, Kylie a home in Calabasas because that $2.7 million. Currently that he felt the two girls could procedure the change, over there was only one step left.

Bruce Jenner visited the office in Beverly Hills, reasoning the facial-feminization surgery would take around five hours. Caitlyn zener left the office in Beverly Hills after the procedure had taken around 10 hours.

Comfort in Isolation

During the an initial full work of recuperation, there was a moment when Caitlyn jenner lay under on her bed as ideal she could, hope to acquire some sleep. The pain was such that she had actually no an option but to be on big amounts of medication. She had actually ice packs over she eyes. She close up door them for a tiny bit, then all of sudden shot up, resulting in the ice packs come slip. She was undergoing other that had never happened prior to in 65 year of life: a scare attack. She said the 24-hour nurse top top duty she had to acquire out that bed. Caitlyn asked she to turn on the tv so the sound would certainly be a distraction. The freshly purchased $3.6 million home—built v concrete slabs choose the artillery batteries you have the right to still view on the Pacific coast, placed there in instance of a Japanese strike during civilization War II—was one floor on optimal of one aboveground garage. There were three bedrooms turn off the lengthy hallway and also then the kitchen and also dining area and sunken living room in an open up floor plan. It offered remarkable views of Catalina Island and the Pacific and glimpses that whales through the floor-to-ceiling windows in her bedroom. Due to the fact that of its literal meaning mountaintop location, you might see everything however not hear anything other than the flapping-flag sound that the wind. No adjacent neighbors. No car pulling up. It to be encapsulated in silence, and also maybe the was the allude of living there, comfort in isolation.

Caitlyn got in the long hallway and also paced earlier and forth on the dark lumber floor, where not also the footsteps do a sound. The panic strike lasted around 15 seconds, but a single thought ongoing to course v her mind: “What walk I simply do? What go I just do to myself?”

A counselor native the Los Angeles Gender facility came over to the residence so Caitlyn can talk to someone with skilled expertise. The counselor aided ease she mind. She stated such reactions were regularly induced by the pain medication. She likewise said such second-guessing to be human and also temporary. The assumed has because passed and has not come back. Over there is no buyer’s remorse. Not that it problem anyway, due to the fact that there is no transforming back.

“If ns was lying on my deathbed and also I had actually kept this mystery and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying over there saying, ‘You simply blew your whole life,’ ” she said me. “ ‘You never dealt with yourself,’ and I don’t want that to happen.”

Bruce Jenner, she said, to be “always informing lies.” Caitlyn Jenner, she said, “doesn’t have any kind of lies.” Bruce Jenner brought about hurt come four kids who loved and also idolized him prior to he gave his love and total fist to an additional family. Caitlyn Jenner has the opportunity to make it right and also close the fissure as lot as she can. “I have actually high wishes that Caitlyn is a much better person 보다 Bruce,” stated his earliest son, Burt, now 36. “I’m an extremely much looking forward to that.”

“It Ain’t Bruce”

This is the most remarkable story i have ever before worked on in 38 years as a journalist, the only writer in the human being with unlimited access to zener for a story of worldwide interest, witness to the last months of among the most iconic masculine athletes before he disappears and a woman shows up in his place. I invested hundreds of hrs with the man over a period of three months. Then i spent countless hours v the woman. That was originally weird, and virtually anyone who claims it no weird is providing themselves much too much credit. The was at first surreal, having actually seen Bruce Jenner set seven an individual bests together he winner the decathlon in 1976 v that perfect buff body, and seeing him currently in an elegant black color dress through fine-looking breasts. With apologies to members that the transgender community, who are rightfully sensitive around the use of language, ns constantly offered “he” instead of “she,” and at one point called Caitlyn “dude” the end of pressure of habit, and also closed conversations with “All right, man, I’ll speak to friend soon.”

“I nothing really acquire hung up,” she said me. “A guy came in the various other day and also I was completely dressed—it’s just habit, I stated ‘Hi, Bruce here,’ and I went, oh fuck, the ain’t Bruce, i was screwing increase doing it.”

My miscues have actually nothing to carry out with intolerance—I have actually been a cross-dresser through a big-time fetish because that women’s leather and also an open movie critic of the often arbitrary delineation between men’s and women’s clothing—but due to the fact that it is a weird story nevertheless of all the crucial inroads that have been made by transgender men and also women into the cultural mainstream. Just as the is a catastrophic one, and a painful one, and also a harmful one, for so countless years, not just to himself however to rather he should have been closest to, and a lonely one, and a brave one, and a funny one, and also maybe, simply maybe, because it is far too early to tell, a triumphant one.

The present Must go On

Or maybe, offered Jenner’s past, that all just fodder for a “docu-series” (i.e., truth television in a fancy suit) that, in May, Caitlyn began shooting for the E! network, debuting this summer. Have the right to you listen the thunder of a Kardashian spin-off? The exact same four children whom he lost call with because that years at a time, none of whom have the last name Kardashian, fear exactly that. They likewise fear that the spectacular way in which she came throughout on the alphabet 20/20 distinct two-hour interview through Diane Sawyer (Caitlyn had actually completed her shift by the time the present aired, top top April 24) will endanger what she can do because that the continued momentum that the transgender movement. Rather they worry that the whole narrative will devolve into spectacle and shenanigans intercut with a little dash of society cause and the usage of paid consultants that are experts on transgender problems as a cover for social responsibility. She is likewise someone that in the past has been conveniently influenced by the opinions of others. Caitlyn insists that will not it is in the situation since, together an executive producer, she has actually full an innovative control. Her insistence is real.

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The children, jointly known together “the zener side” and also all in their 30s and as grounded together the Kardashians are not, feel otherwise. V the portal the their television show, the partnership of the Kardashian children to their dad has unfolded publicly because that eight years. The partnership of the Jenner youngsters with their dad has gone untold: uneven you were a Keeping Up through the Kardashians fetishist, you could not also know that he had 4 other children. Given the pressure inserted on lock to get involved in the upcoming E! series, it became clear come me the their story is much more germane 보다 ever.