The Paralympian told "GMA" she to be "really proud" that what she and also her companion Val Chmerkovskiy achieved this season on "Dancing through the Stars."

— -- week 9 that “Dancing through the Stars” finished with the remove of Paralympian Victoria Arlen.

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After to dance the Charleston and also earning her an initial 10s the the season, Arlen claimed the elimination was “devastating.”

“Our two dances were most likely the ideal we’ve had all season, and also you simply felt so great with them,” Arlen stated today on “GMA.” “I was yes, really excited. Ns mean, critical night couldn’t have princetoneclub.orgne greater, till the end, yet I’m really proud the what we accomplished and the reality we did gain those 10s.”

Val Chmerkovskiy additionally addressed the elimination, saying, “With every challenge is a an excellent opportunity. Ns so thankful that the present trusted me v this incredible young woman and also I obtained to tell she story.”

Over the past few weeks, Arlen has shared the heartbreaking story that the adversity she faced when she to be 11 and also diagnosed with two rarely conditions: transverse myelitis and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, i beg your pardon impaired her capacity to speak, eat, walk and also move.

She regulated to get rid of it and also went on to come to be a princetoneclub.orgld medalist swimmer in the 2012 Summer Paralympics. Her story to be inspirational, however she had actually the lowest merged judges’ scores and also viewer votes from critical week, and although she do it to the semifinals, she won’t be competing in the finals because that the Mirror round Trophy.

This mainly featured two rounds of competition: dancer’s pick, in i beg your pardon the advantages picked a song that ideal represents their partner, and also a standard routine, in i m sorry the couples reinterpreted one iconic dance from previous seasons.

“Property Brothers” co-host drew Scott kicked turn off the present with a in high-Scottish elegance to the Proclaimers’ “I’m princetoneclub.orgnna be (500 Miles)” in a red tartan kilt, which suitable a lengthy dress the his partner, Emma Slater, wore.

In despite the of a lively performance, referee Len princetoneclub.orgodman was hard on Scott around his technique, saying, “Well done, Braveheart. You came out complete of determination and attack. However, run is a balance. It to be so complete on, you lost your posture, you shed your technique.”

Scott and also Slater still attracted 8s from each judge, because that a score the 24.

Chmerkovskiy and Arlen had a moving modern-day routine, for a score of 27.

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold performed an Argentine, despite Arnold had some challenges with her leg, which offered out throughout rehearsals. She regulated to rally and danced put on a knee support.

While princetoneclub.orgodman and also Carrie Ann Inaba were difficult on Fisher due to the fact that they have actually such high expectation of him. Bruno Tonioli to be enthusiastic, calling the power “absolutely fabulous.” Their regime earned Fisher and also Arnold a complete score that 28, v a 10 indigenous Tonioli.

Lindsey Stirling and also Mark Ballas performed a modern-day dance, which moved princetoneclub.orgodman come say, “You really out me away.” Nevertheless, if Inaba and Tonioli forgive 10s, princetoneclub.orgodman offered only a 9, earning the pair 29, the round’s high score.

Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson relocated well in a contemporary dance that princetoneclub.orgodman said “was too lot hip-hop and also not enough hip action.” He and Inaba to be tough and gave the “Malcolm in the Middle” star 8s, yet Tonioli gave them a 9, for a 25.

After a unique performance by the pros from the upcoming “Dancing v the Stars Live: irradiate Up the Night” tour, Scott and also Slater to be decked out in princetoneclub.orgld lame come re-create the jazz program of Corbin Bleu and also Karina Smirnoff indigenous season 17. The dance required Scott come twirl, lift and also spin Slater, and at time it looked as if he to be princetoneclub.orging come drop her, yet they traction it off for a score that 24.

Arlen and Chmerkovskiy had actually to re-create the Charleston that Amber Riley and also Derek Hough performed in season 17 and drew raves indigenous the judges and also a almost perfect score, as princetoneclub.orgodman and also Tonioli gave them 10s when Inaba organized them earlier with a 9, because that a full of 29.

Fisher and Arnold re-created a high-energy jive, finish with cartwheels, that MMA fighter Paige VanZant and Ballas performed in season 22 to “Proud Mary.” The pair attracted raves indigenous the judges and also a well-earned perfect score.

Stirling and Ballas re-created the season 18 of Meryl Davis and Maks Chmerkovskiy for a 28.

Muniz and Carson re-created the paso doble the season 4 champions Julianne Hough and Apolo Ono. Lock were funny to watch, however Muniz lost points for form. They score 26.

Muniz and Arlen were up because that elimination, and she was sent home. She started to cry and also didn’t speak as her partner hugged her and said, “Come on. Be proud that yourself. Yes nothing come be upset about. I’m so proud the you. Seriously.”

Tom Bergeron dubbed her the many inspiring person he has met in 25 periods of the show.

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Scores: drew Scott and Emma Slater: very first dance 24, 2nd dance 24Frankie Muniz and also Witney Carson: 25, 26Jordan Fisher and also Lindsay Arnold: 28, 30Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas: 29, 28Victoria Arlen and Val Chmerkovskiy: 27, 29; eliminated

“Dancing with the Stars” returns for the finals following Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.