Its pretty great for a tiny local theater. It have the right to be a risky experience. The smaller theaters have much worse sound equipment so I always ask which theaters movie are reflecting in and try to avoid those. They likewise have contempt obstructed views and also are no stadium seating. The large theaters (theres 2) are much much better in sound and seating but the stadion seating is just every various other row. There are two rows top top every level. So, the front people are good and unobstructed but the rear rows on every level have the right to be obstructed. So, the theatre is fine but exercise part caution.

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Not a negative place to hang out and eat for a couple of hours. Movie theatre is yes, really nice and also small. Almost never full and also extremely quiet. Constantly worth it.

Recently, since of Covid, lock started offering concessions online. I m sorry is great but additionally really disappointing. Ns ordered popcorn and red vines and received a text saying identifier be informed when mine order to be ready. Never recieved a message so i tried to contact as the time got closer to your closing time. The phone kept not pass me come a actual person, ns only gained the automated voice recording. For this reason I had actually my bf go over while ns tried to obtain ahold that them and I go not obtain anything on my order except the popcorn. Very disappointing

A little theater v obstructed views as result of the badly-leveled seats. Make certain to choose your seat carefully when friend enter!

Very pretty place, I carry out wish the they would always enable you to usage your own cups for drink though. They had a special promotion for earth day that enabled you to carry out this on that day i wish it would certainly just end up being common policy

Ive never ever been to a movie theater that so grossly lacked even the pretense that professionalism. The staff wore dingy jeans and wrinkled t-shirts. The floor manager wore a dress the hardly spanned her lady bits. It to be dirty and unorganized. We acquired sent back to our theatre while it to be still being cleaned and also the boy cleaning snapped at us. The should have told the boy taking tickets what his progress was as much as cleaning, yet I doubt any kind of communication in that regard wake up at all. I will do my ideal to avoid this ar at all costs. That poorly managed and unprofessional. I was genuinely shocked that a town center cinema to be being run favor this.

Went to check out Joker. Together we sat down in display #3, i noticed a chirping/scratching sound comes from one of the appropriate speakers during the movie and also the projector no displaying the entire image. On either next of the screen there were 2 vertical black and blue bars the were cutting off the screen from height to bottom. Ns told the attendant around the issue and also she said they were aware of the swollen speaker and also the projector and were waiting on a projectionist. They still marketed tickets to people knowing complete well the they required to address issues first. Its really not worth spending $11 every ticket top top that.

I dont go to the movies all that often, but this place has constantly been solid. Way much better than heading over to Pullman. Theres additionally a beat area for tiny kids outside.

Ive always had a an excellent experience comes here, and staff is friendly. The only reason i dont offer it 5 stars is lock wont give a refund for sold out showings. Yet theyre quiet the finest movie theatre in city in my opinion.

Worst movie theater ever!!! The movie began 20 minute late and don’t ask to exchange your children candy for somethings various that girlfriend bought one minute earlier because castle won’t. Worst theater suffer yet.

Movie theater v multiple movies. Fountain sodas with free refills, fresh popcorn and sweets galore! Courteous staff and also clean restrooms.

The employees space the nicest civilization in Idaho. I never ever really favored seeing movies in theaters due to the fact that the cinema in mine hometown to be staffed through the meanest people. My experience in this cinema has changed my opinion around seeing movie in the theater.

This basic is household friendly, clean & seating is comfortable.I go to watch Dumbo this evening & that is fun entertainment because that the whole family.

Decided to walk to a matinee through a friend. Verified up at 2 because that the 2:20 mirroring as proclaimed on the website and also in the mirroring times outside of the theater, and there was nobody there. Once someone finally opened package office in ~ 2:25 there to be many people waiting. The girl functioning the booth stated that lock actually just do matinee showings ~ above weekends. This isnt proclaimed anywhere on the website or on the display times at the theater. A team behind us asked if we would receive a discount come the following showing because we had actually all been waiting for half an hour. She claimed no. Lock asked come speak come a manager, she said she was the manager and sorry, she wouldnt execute anything because that us. Ive been to a weekday matinee at this theater prior to so that sounds prefer someone was late come work and also decided to lie with her teeth. And if the isnt the case, this theater has very, an extremely poor management. I have been a loyal customer the this local organization for 5 years - this one communication will have actually me taking my company elsewhere. Indigenous the sound of it, the very same is true of the various other disgruntled client in line.

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Really good staff, The much less comfortable and pretty display screens then other cinemas is made up for by being best in former of the toddler play center and pediatrician ( for those with tiny ones

Moscow Cinema - five starsI always go right here to watch the new movies. The employees room kind and also and advantageous depending on what girlfriend ask them- several of them are most likely under experienced so dont be too difficult on them. The movie endure is wonderful as in that Worth theater ticket. Its yes, really loud yet it doesnt hurt your ears. The photo on the big screen is amazing. That is what friend would suppose of a typical movie theater. Make certain you watch their prices despite so friend can get a good deal. I think they market a an elderly discount however dont take it my indigenous on it.