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black color Magic Live las Vegas masculine Revue 2021

About black Magic

black Magic Live is a sexy stage display that boasts a talented actors of the many exotic male dancers in the U.S. Reality TV icon and actress, Vivica A. Fox, created Black Magic Live , the first-of-its-kind, all-black male dance team inspired by she hit lifetime TV series, \"Vivica\"s black Magic,\" and is among the latest projects from \"Chocolate City\" manager Jean Claude LaMarre and choreographer Darrin Henson.

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black color Magic Live debuted on might 12, 2016, and it has actually been a huge hit because that our bachelorettes who are right into the coco male revue scene.

It attributes a sexy and also skilled actors of scantily-dressed males performing few of the hottest choreographed run moves and also sensual striptease you will ever see. V a gifted group of entertainers called Bolo, Mr. Incredible, Storm, Cream, Heat, Silk, GQ, Slam, Jamaica, Lover Boy, White Chocolate, and special guest, Charm, black Magic Live it is provided a high-impact, high-quality production.

You need to be 18+ year to check out this show. Alcoholic beverages are easily accessible for the over 21 crowd.

Ladies, bring cash – the black color Magic dancers love tips.

Ultimate guide to black color Magic Live 2021

In mine 2021 Ultimate guide to black color Magic Live, i cover every the details, so you space \"well-versed.\" To add to your black Magic experience, I have actually some great packages for limos, VIP society entry, all-you-can-eat-and-drink dinners, party service, and much more. Us the huge amount that volume we do, us have far-ranging buying power, and we pass the savings follow me to our most vital person in the room – YOU!

About the author

Before ns continue, ns am Brian Pfeiffer, the owner that . I have actually over 20 years of VIP hosting experience, and I to be a license is granted independent host by the Nevada Gaming Commission. Together a Clark County professional Promoter, I deserve to assist you with any food, fun, tour, adventure, and also attraction in ras Vegas, including anything Male Revue or Male strip Club . Ns love the management and work with them regularly, so you re welcome don\"t hesitate to ask.

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black color Magic Live is in ~ the Pegasus Showroom/Lounge inside Alexis Park in ~ 375E E Harmon Ave, ras Vegas, NV 89169.

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Performances run 4 nights a week, Thursday - Sunday at 9 pm and 10:45–11 pm. The actual display is about 90 minutes, through some mingling after ~ in the \"Chocolate guys Pamper Room.\"

The Pegasus Lounge Set-up


This beautiful showroom has actually all the amenities you require for a successful manufacturing – 150 comfortable seats, a advanced sound and lighting system, and also all the important props and also equipment because that the boys to carry out all their famous stunts and tricks.

Before & after ~ the present

Before and also after the show, because that a slim upcharge, you deserve to have an up-close-and-personal encounter; the sexy males hang the end for one exclusive accomplish up in the \"Pamper Room\" because that drinks, autographs, and also signature cocktails in a mingling environment.

Our Surreal deals

We have created several packages and bundling avenues for the ras Vegas male Revues. We provide you the alternative of payment in full or our preferred technique of providing a deposit because that the show tickets just to lock in her seats. Please feel cost-free to use our basic online booking device or fill out a type and we will certainly go end the best selection for your big night out. We room also available on What\"s application at 773-459-8133.

Tickets and also Seating options

For 2021 the prices are looking favor the following. Of course, lock might readjust based on demand.

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Seating and also Tickets

This display has two key seating tiers:

A. The VIP seats and tables room on the floor closest to the stage. This are collection up because that the guys to acquire up-close transparent the show.


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general admission seats and tables and also bar seats room on the key floor, just not together close together the VIP seats, however still a great view and also in action.

Surreal Pro guideline

The present starts at one time each night, so us encourage friend to publication your pick-up time, about an hour prior to the event. When you publication a package v us, us will have the times dialed in.

For the latest in showtimes and events, examine out the line up right here .

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What is the black Like?


Ladies, all we have the right to say is, \"some impressive hot