I have actually recently added a variety of songs to mine iTunes playlist (all mp3s). Once syncing them end to my iphone phone I gain an error saying that "X track cannot be played on this iPhone".

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What might be the factor for this? The document isn"t from the iTunes keep so ns don"t think DRM ~ above the track.

What could be the issue?


iTunes can be refusing come sync the tracks due to the fact that they use an encoding layout that it knows isn"t sustained on iOS devices. Together an example, the iphone phone 5s technical specification top top princetoneclub.org"s website lists the sustained bitrates for consistent rate MP3s together "8 come 320 Kbps". If the bitrate because that the files is outwith those limits that can be the reason of the failure to sync the files.

You could shot using the "Create AAC Version" option on the right-click context menu in iTunes to produce a copy in AAC format of among the affected tracks, climate attempt to sync the AAC copy, to view whether that is the layout of the record that the is objecting to.

You can also confirm the bitrate that the papers by right-clicking on them and also choosing obtain Info.


I had this concern this morning. I had actually to pressure quit iTunes, unplug mine iPhone, reboot it, climate reconnect it and also sync the playlists the wouldn"t sync earlier. It seemed to work, together I now have actually those playlists. I think iTunes experienced a technical concern somehow v its encoding process.



One method to check whether the records are really simply MP3 records is to open up them in QuickTime and also then open the Inspector (hold ⌘ and also tap i or select from display Inspector from home window menu). The Inspector will tell girlfriend the document type (if that recognises it).

If these space MP3 records it should say something the starts v "MPEG great 3" because that the format. If the doesn"t then either that isn"t one MP3 file, or that is but one the is corrupted in some way.

Assuming these are an easy MP3 files, having looked at various other reports of world getting the same error message, have actually you do the efforts removing the papers from your iPhone and syncing them back over again. That seems civilization can obtain this error if the papers are corrupted if syncing.


I was having actually the very same error message. The trouble was the my documents were moved. facepalm ns deleted them native the library and re-added them native the new address. Worked. Cheers.

I"m syncing one old 2005 ipod to a more recent MacBook Pro utilizing El Capitan 10.11.4. I obtained this very same message. Equipment was to just quit and restart iTunes. Sync worked the second time around. Try this before creating lower bit-rate versions of all her songs!

If you"re do the efforts to get a track from your pc to her Phone, make sure you send the document (the song) to your desktop before syncing.

I had the very same problem, yet the problem arisen because i had actually moved the music to a different location (Documents to Music) in ~ the computer,

I addressed this just by moving it earlier to whereby iTunes last saw it when i placed it right into iTunes and the problem seemed to be fixed.

The adhering to steps worked ​to resolve the problem:

Take a backup of the file.

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Delete the track from iTunes library.

Sync your iPhone/iPad

Replace the file at the initial location

Add the document back come iTunes and also sync your device.​​​​ 

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