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residence News Briefs American Music Awards 2015 live present (ABC): Watch online Justin Bieber, One Direction performances and more

American Music

The biggest and most popular names in music space attending the 2015 American Music Awards with huge all-star lineup collection to light up the stage with interesting performances. Jennifer Lopez will be guiding everyone with today's epos festivities and also the artist's outfits are currently something fans are excited about.

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There will be a flurry the performances come look front to, consisting of that of the hottest boybands around – One Direction and also 5 secs of Summer. AMA nominee because that Favorite masculine Artist Pop/Rock Nick Jonas is additionally performing and Demi Lovato, that is acquisition the AMA stage for the first time.

Speaking of an initial time, watch the debut performance of go the Moon, the indie rock tape behind \"Shut Up and also Dance\" the are also nominated for brand-new Artist the the Year in 2015 American Music Awards. An initial time nominee The Weeknd is prepared to charm the audience v his solitary \"The Hills\" too.

Coldplay isn't absent the show and the tape is all set to debut their new album \"A Head full of Dreams\" throughout the awards. Macklemore and also Ryan Lewis are singing their all-new struggle while Gwen Stefani is placing a display with a power of her hit solitary \"Used come Love You.\"

Alanis Morissette will carry out twice in the 2015 American Music Awards. First will be a solo showing and also on the 2nd one, Lovato will join the singer-songwriter. Selena Gomez will certainly be in the scene with Carrie Underwood and Ariana Grande collection to song on the same stage too.

What's 2015 American Music Awards without the chemistry that duets? Luke Bryan is performing \"Home Alone Tonight\" v Karen Fairchild that Little big Town tonight. Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth will certainly then join up to song \"Marvin Gaye\" after the previous treats fans through a power of her single \"Like I'm Gonna shed You.\"

Acapella team Pentatonix is ready to wow fans with an epos performance inspired by \"Star Wars: The pressure Awakens,\" in acknowledgment of the nearing beginning of the much-awaited movie following month.

One of the greatest highlights in 2015 American Music Awards is Celine Dion's heartfelt tribute power to victims of the terrorist strikes in Paris last Nov. 13. The legend hitmaker will certainly sing \"Hymne a L'Amour\" (\"Hymn the Love\" in English), i m sorry was originally sang by Edith Piaf.

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Justin Bieber will certainly be in charge of closeup of the door the show. The yearly ceremony has begun with celebs beginning to to water onto the red carpet. The 2015 American Music Awards airs Nov. 22 in ~ 8 p.m. ET ~ above ABC. Don't miss a beat and follow the livestream that the display on the ABC website and also the abc app.