We’re ago for a brand-new season right here on Dark Matter and also everyone is precisely where we left them critical year, just somehow worse. Ryo succeeded in blowing increase EOS 7 and also getting the hell the end of dodge, but the rest of his previous crewmates haven’t been so lucky. Two, Three, Five, and also Six are all still grounding on the station and also it is going under in flames.

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Five manages to escape through Commander Truffaut, i beg your pardon is lucky, due to the fact that I guess us trust her for appropriate now. Two and also Six control to meet up in the chaos and also make their means to the waiting Marauder while three remains lacking in action. The last time we observed him, he to be barely conscious and beaten all to hell and possibly being rescued by Anders. Fine check ago with that later.

Two and also Six get around five secs away native the station before they’re hit v the blast and their comms, navigation and power space knocked out. At least they still have actually oxygen … because that now.

Five and also Truffaut control to make it ago to the Raza just in time because that the ship to be set upon by Ferrous Corp. Yes sir a war on, you know, and also they room not wasting any time. They duke it out till both ships room stuck floating in an are and Ferrous soldiers decision to board the Raza. The ladies have actually something rather in mind though, setup a catch involving five busting the end the big guns and Android popping up out of a barrel, she own firearms blazing, choose both the best and also worst Jack-in-the-Box ever.

Three has actually been out on his own adventure this totality time. Turns out, Anders did traction him come safety and also now castle stranded in an exit mining facility v one gun in between them and also a very angry protection drone on your heels.

Two and also Six manage to get the comms up and also running, contacting the Raza. Everyone is very happy to find the rather alive, however Android put an finish to the celebrations by telling them all the Nyx is dead— murdered by Ryo when he boarded the Raza to steal the Blink Drive.

Two and Six don’t have much time to mourn, though, due to the fact that now they’re likewise losing oxygen. 2 locks 6 in the earlier of the Marauder with most of the waiting while she decides to take a chance, hoping her nanites will be able to keep she alive favor they did the time she acquired spaced. It’s not a really well thought out plan, yet its an ext plan 보다 they had actually 10 seconds ago. In a guilt and also oxygen-deprived hallucination, two sees Nyx who tells she she’s amazing and also that none of this is she fault. Lock say their goodbyes, sealed v a kiss, and also Two overcome out.

Ryo has additionally been popping around this episode. He’s earlier on Zairon and his an initial action after starting a corporate war is to complimentary his old teacher, Teku, from prison. Teku was locked increase by Ryo’s step-brother and also mother for preserving his allegiance to Ryo and also his father, so Ryo provides his teacher a ar on his court. Misaki is not so pleased around this, yet then, she no like any kind of of Ryo’s friends.

Three and Anders manage to take the end the security drone and also after a few deep conversations about whether “good” and “bad” method anything anymore, Anders decides not to offer Three up to the GA. He leaves him in the mining facility and also tells the Raza where to pick him up.

Speaking of the Raza, while 3 was having a shootout through a drone, Two and also Six discovered themselves earlier on plank (The Raza picked them up after Five and Android dealt with Ferrous goons, as explained above), conscious and also not at all dead (go nanites!). Two has actually a heart-to-heart v the departing Truffaut, that assures her the Mikkei will stay neutral in the battle so lengthy as the suits them. She climate tells 2 not come let the guilt obtain to her, i m sorry is surprisingly an excellent advice coming from Truffaut.

With the entirety Raza crew back together and a corporate war threatening the galaxy and everyone in it, the time to decision what to execute for the rest of the season. They comment on their plans over a lovely casserole Android has actually prepared (the secret ingredient is love … and also basil) and things shower out together you expect: three wants come loot the whole place, 6 wants to sign up with the fight. 2 though, knows specifically what lock going to do. Castle going to steal back the Blink Drive and kill Ryo Ishida.

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Oh, and also Five has a super mystery project that involves a computer, some virtual reality, and the salvaged digital consciousness of Three’s dead girlfriend, Sarah.