Anthony Sullivan is recognized as the OxiClean male. To help his young daughter with developmental challenges he"s currently thriving hemp to make CBD.

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Frost hits once one of the industry"s biggest tastemakers, Sherbinski, is due to tour Montkush; Sully gets negative news from home; Sully and also Dave gain their last CBD rosin tested.

Sully and also Dave sponsor the local Plainarea parade, smack dab in the middle of harvest; in the time of the chaos, their initiatives to attach through their next-door neighbors backfire at eincredibly turn.

It"s finally time to start chopping down hemp plants. Dave and also Sully reduced the initially ceremonial bud. They confront a bottleneck of biomass and a souring company deal for their CBD crop.
A absent ATV spurs Sully and Dave to amp up protection. Dave"s dad, a Vietnam vet, weighs in. It"s a race to end up drying the frozen crop, or else their very own harvest will suffer.
Weeds are flourishing faster than Sully and Dave"s CBD weed. They test out a horse-drawn plow to pull them up. The crew finds male plants which can contaminate their female flowers.
Sully and also Dave purchased the newest in drying modern technology, but they do not think it will certainly be adequate to dry their whole chop rapid enough. Dave comes up with a 2nd solution.
Sully and also Dave meet with a regional hemp broker about offering their crop, but he demands a favour initially. In order to supply, they will should uncover a processing facility--and also fast.
Sully and Dave battle to prep land to plant their CBD seedlings. Huge rocks in the soil end up being their foe. They learn the distinction in between tilling and also harrowing... or attempt to.
Anthony "Sully" Sullivan, the OxiClean man, buys a farm to thrive CBD for his daughter through developpsychological obstacles. He recruits his frifinish Dave -- however they know zero about farming.

Anthony Sullivan is recognized as the OxiClean guy. To aid his young daughter via developmental difficulties he"s currently flourishing hemp to make CBD. Kings of Kush is a collection that is presently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on March 9, 2021.

Where to Watch Kings of Kush

Kings of Kush is obtainable for streaming on the Viceland also webwebsite, both individual episodes and complete seasons. You have the right to also watch Kings of Kush on demand at Philo, Viceland and also Sling.

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