Fans of of the longest to run “human vs. The elements” fact TV show Survivor room in because that a big treat together Survivor season 37 episode 1 will certainly make it’s debut through a brand brand-new cast and spin ~ above the show’s format. Below is every little thing you have to know around the new season and also how to watch Survivor season 37 episode 1 once it airs.

Survivor season 37 episode 1 premiere date

Fear not, Survivor fans — the return of the present that started it all is just about the corner. Survivor season 37 illustration 1 will premiere this Wednesday, Sept. 26, on CBS in ~ 8 p.m. 

How to watch the Survivor season 37 premiere

But what if you do not have access to CBS? Well, there room a pair of different ways that you deserve to get approximately it. For starters, you deserve to sign increase a because that the CBS streaming communication CBS All access to clock Survivor season 37 epsidoe 1 whenever you want without having actually to collection your DVR. Unfortunately, other streaming platforms favor Hulu, Playstation, and Sling will certainly not have access to the new season of Survivor because CBS has been an extremely protective of their content with the beginning of their own exclusive streaming platform. You have the right to however, purchase episodes and the enitre season with Amazon Prime and also Apple TV. 

Survivor season 37 trailer 

Is there a trailer for Survivor season 37 illustration 1? back in might a trailer to be released v the new concept the this season revealed as “David Vs. Goliath”. The two different teams — Davids and Goliaths, dong — room separated native each various other soley based upon the meek characters of the “weaker team” and the reduced throat demeanors of the wild one-too-many-Mountain-Dews-with-their-mourning-Cornflakes team. Feast your eyes on the trailer because that the newest televised entry into Darwinism v a glimpse right into the new cast members we will satisfy in Survivor season 37 illustration 1… 

Speaking of the brand-new cast members … 

Survivor season 37 cast 

The stars on the “David” team have actually all been said to have overcome some kind of adversity in your lives and also are taken into consideration to be the underdogs in the competition. The cast members on this team include: Elizabeth Olson, Carl Boudreaux, Nick Wilson, Davie Rickenbacker, play Cusack, Bi Nguyen, Lyrsa Torres, Jessica Peet, Gabby Pascuzzi, and Christian Hubicki. 


Survivor season 37 episode 1 — Team “David”. Picture Credit: David M. Russell/CBS Entertainment

Over ~ above the “Goliath” team, we have a rag-tag crew of individuals who have been at the height of the heep and also have no qualms in ~ squashing the small guy top top their paths to the corner office.

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This team includes: Jeremy Crawford, Alec Merlino, Alison Raybould, man Hennigan, Dan Rengering, Natalie Cole, Kara Kay, Natalia Azoqa, Angelina Keeley, and also most noteably, famed “Enlightened” screenwriter and also actor Mike White. 

As the trailer defines this season, the “Goliaths” each know how to win but are also flawed come the suggest of having their very own figurative “cyclops eye” that the “Davids” can capitalize top top if castle so pick to perform so. We will just have to wait to view what happens when Survivor season 37 illustration 1 premieres this week! 

Survivor season 37 episode 1 will premiere on CBS Wednesday, September 26th in ~ 8pm.