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The secret battlestar for Fortnite Season 8 week 1 is easily accessible to collect. The is, if you’ve completed every the other weekly difficulties for the week. Now, finding the an enig battle tier place in Fortnite is constantly a problem; they’re constantly well-hidden. However, if you do discover it, you’ll obtain a full battle pass tier because that free; it’s worth finding. With that in mind, here’s our Fortnite secret Battlestar ar Season 8 week 1 exploration Challenges guide to present you exactly where to find the hidden fight tier.

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Fortnite secret Battlestar location Season 8 week 1 discovery Challenges

Where to discover Fortnite Season 8 main 1 Discovery an obstacle Secret battle Tier Location

To discover the secret battle tier star because that Fortnite Season 8 week 1, you’ll need to go to among the new in-game locations. Special, Lazy Lagoon; the brand-new area in the phibìc that has actually replaced Lazy Links. The main part of Lazy Lagoon is the tiny harbor “town”, whereby a large ship has actually anchored. There’s a bunch of structures there that you deserve to explore, together I’d imagine you’d want to execute with a new location.

Unfortunately because that explorers, if you’re the end to get the secret battlestar, the best strategy is from the air. If you’ve been to Lazy Lagoon, you might have noticed the tall bell tower-looking framework in the middle, simply north of the 2nd letter O in words Lagoon on the map (if you’re totally zoomed out). You’ll have to land at the an extremely top of that spire to gain the battlestar. So, part deft landing an abilities are gonna come in very handy here, since the peak of the tower is, like, four pixels wide. You’ll need to be very precise. Or just go and also farm a bunch the materials and build your ramp come the top, whatever works for you.

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